Play a deluxe round on Spain's Mediterranean coast a deluxe round on Spain's Mediterranean coastPlay a deluxe round on Spain's Mediterranean coast<p>​​​With its vast array of top class courses and the perfect golfing climate, Spain's Mediterranean coast could easily be renamed the 'Costa del Golf'.</p>GP0|#355cfb21-737f-475c-9304-a444dbb95af3;L0|#0355cfb21-737f-475c-9304-a444dbb95af3|Clubs-And-Travel:Travel;GTSet|#58d6d1e1-0ace-4efc-a7db-3c77a5d7a55c;GPP|#b5586d5a-cc92-46fe-ab8b-c33ced9098f5
Something to suit all golfing tastes to suit all golfing tastesSomething to suit all golfing tastes<p>​Whether playing or spectating, Northern Ireland is always game for competitive golf</p>GP0|#355cfb21-737f-475c-9304-a444dbb95af3;L0|#0355cfb21-737f-475c-9304-a444dbb95af3|Clubs-And-Travel:Travel;GTSet|#58d6d1e1-0ace-4efc-a7db-3c77a5d7a55c;GPP|#b5586d5a-cc92-46fe-ab8b-c33ced9098f5
Memories linger amid the magic of Malone linger amid the magic of MaloneMemories linger amid the magic of Malone<p>​​​Malone is a jewel in the crown of parkland golf courses. Located in the heart of Belfast, it is a tranquil escape from the city and an oasis for golfers.​</p>GP0|#355cfb21-737f-475c-9304-a444dbb95af3;L0|#0355cfb21-737f-475c-9304-a444dbb95af3|Clubs-And-Travel:Travel;GTSet|#58d6d1e1-0ace-4efc-a7db-3c77a5d7a55c;GPP|#b5586d5a-cc92-46fe-ab8b-c33ced9098f5
Say hello to great value stay and play offers hello to great value stay and play offersSay hello to great value stay and play offers<p>​Producing more than its fair share of major-winning golfers, it is no surprise that Northern Ireland is great for golf.</p>GP0|#355cfb21-737f-475c-9304-a444dbb95af3;L0|#0355cfb21-737f-475c-9304-a444dbb95af3|Clubs-And-Travel:Travel;GTSet|#58d6d1e1-0ace-4efc-a7db-3c77a5d7a55c;GPP|#b5586d5a-cc92-46fe-ab8b-c33ced9098f5
Slice of variety makes for a tasty retreat of variety makes for a tasty retreatSlice of variety makes for a tasty retreat​Clandeboye, on the outskirts of Belfast, is a haven for golfers thanks to the dramatic heathland of the Dufferin championship course and the charming allure of the Ava, an alternative test that makes for the complete golfing getaway.GP0|#355cfb21-737f-475c-9304-a444dbb95af3;L0|#0355cfb21-737f-475c-9304-a444dbb95af3|Clubs-And-Travel:Travel;GTSet|#58d6d1e1-0ace-4efc-a7db-3c77a5d7a55c;GPP|#b5586d5a-cc92-46fe-ab8b-c33ced9098f5