Faster, higher, longer – the Ping G30

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​Having made Bubba Watson even longer off the tee, the G30 from Ping offers the same tantalising distance gains to every golfer.

  • 28 February 2015
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​The technology that turned Bubba-long into Bubba-longer has been incorporated into two new drivers in the G30 series – the standard and the SF Tec (Straight Flight Technology). A combination of advanced aerodynamics and new materials in a modified face design have allowed Ping to increase ball speed and accuracy without sacrificing control or forgiveness.

The most visible innovation on the G30 driver is the patented turbulator. Engineered onto the crown, the turbulators reduce aerodynamic drag leading to more speed.

"When Bubba Watson first tested the turbulators, he picked up two miles per hour in club head speed and four miles per hour in ball speed, which meant 10 more yards for him," said John A Solheim, Ping Chairman and CEO. "We can't promise that for everyone, but with the turbulators' powerful, inspiring look we're confident all golfers will be longer off the tee. We've also continued our focus on advancing custom fitting in the driver and fairway woods by offering five loft positions."

The introduction of T9S titanium in the drivers has produced a thinner face and the reduction in weight has allowed Ping to reposition the centre of gravity so that it is lower and further back. For players who tend to miss right, the SF Tec has weight closer to the heel and lighter swing weights.

Ping have also increased the range of adjustability to five loft positions in the drivers while maintaining the same mass and outer diameter as the company's fixed hosels. The lightweight hosel allows golfers to increase or decrease loft 6/10 of a degree or one full degree.


*Pictured is Bubba Watson, Ping tour player. Photo by

    Equipment:Ping, Equipment:Drivers



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