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​The AeroBurner Driver is already familiar to fans thanks to the success of Dustin Johnson this season but the AeroBurner irons mark a new departure for TaylorMade.

  • 25 March 2015
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​“This is a new product for us,” says Tomo Bystedt, TaylorMade’s director of product creation for irons. “The AeroBurner iron breaks the mould of the typical distance iron and brings distance to all golfers."

The AeroBurner irons offer more ball speed and greater distance, which will be music to the ears of most players. If you're struggling to get the ball up in the air, the AeroBurner's lower centre of gravity will help. The face design is engineered to maximise ball speed off the clubface. The head design also provides enhanced forgiveness and stability on balls hit across the clubface.

Incorporating TaylorMade’s Speed Pocket technology, AeroBurner irons promote higher launch angles and more ball speed as well as protecting ball speed on shots hit low on the face for more consistency.

“We discovered that a Speed Pocket that doesn’t go all the way through the head helps to launch the ball higher,” Bystedt said. “In the case of AeroBurner, which has stronger lofts, the Speed Pocket is designed to aid in hitting it higher. It’s not really increasing ball speed too much.”

While the AeroBurner irons were developed with an emphasis on hitting shots further and higher, TaylorMade improved the feel and sound by installing a vibration badge behind the hitting area.

The irons come in eight-piece sets and are now available.

PHOTO: Dustin Johnson, TaylorMade tour player. Courtesy of Golffile.

    Equipment:Drivers, Equipment:TaylorMade



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