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​Those magic grooves won't last forever but they will last a little longer in future thanks to TaylorMade's innovative EF wedges.

  • 01 July 2015
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The secret to TaylorMade's latest design lies in the clubhead. The company's next-generation Electroformed (EF) groove technology has been incorporated into their Tour-standard TP wedges, which has helped to create a longer-lasting groove. 

tpefswedge34730.jpgSoft metals are used to create the touch and feel which players need around the greens but that comes at a cost as the softer metals wear out pretty quickly. Blunt grooves are no good around the green so TaylorMade have overcome this by using a more robust Nickel Cobalt in their grooves. 

The soft 1025 carbon steel is still being used in the body of the club but the Nickel Cobalt in the grooves ensures that the grooves stay sharper for longer. The added advantage of the new-style grooves is that the grooves can be cut more accurately in production, which helps to create more spin and keep the grooves sharper for longer. In other words, these wedges do an even better job than before and they are going to do that job much longer that they used to.

The TaylorMade EF wedge comes in a wide range of loft options -- 47, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 60 and 60 -- and there are up to three bounce options for each loft. 

The clubhead itself comes with a dark smoke PVD finish which reduces glare. The club is fitted with a KBS Tour wedge shaft for optimal performance.

RRP €159.

    Equipment:TaylorMade, Equipment:Wedges



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