SkyTrak – your own personal launch monitor

​SkyTrak from SkyCaddie is the latest launch monitor to come on the market.
  • 17 December 2015
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The SkyTrak combines the accuracy of a professional-grade golf launch monitor with the high definition visuals of top-end golf simulator software. For the golfer in your life, this is the ultimate Christmas present.​

Retailing at £1,695, the SkyTrak may well be the world’s first affordable personal launch monitor.

In November 2015 SkyCaddie announced a partnership with leading online golf simulator WGT Golf. Integrating SkyTrak means that more than 14 million WGT Golf users worldwide can now play real golf on its world-class high-definition golf courses with their own clubs by hooking up their SkyTrak.

Shortlisted for the 2015 HSBC Golf Business Forum Innovation Award, SkyTrak has been chosen as the leading new consumer technology of 2015 by MyGolfSpy, a highly influential US golf website.

SkyCaddie’s Jacqui Surman said: “Editor’s Choice in MyGolfSpy is a highly valid award, I feel. As well as factoring in how the product performs, it also takes into account opinions from both website staff and everyday golfers. It also considers the immediate market impact, and in some cases a product’s long-term potential to advance the golf industry.

“In SkyTrak’s case, MyGolfSpy highlighted the latter. Not only does SkyTrak possess the ability to amaze golfers, golf clubs and golf professionals today, but it is also a truly disruptive product as regards what the industry now expects from this technology as regards price point.”

“We are very excited to bring SkyTrak to the UK,” said Surman. “Early feedback from golf clubs around the country has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are only just getting started with the roll-out of new courses to play, and new features”.

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