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​A ready-made tool to take with you on the range, the Sky Pro can be your new best teacher.

  • 18 December 2015
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Providing instant feedback, the SkyPro takes the guesswork out of practice and helps to put you on the right path every time you swing the golf club. Innovative and user-friendly, the SkyPro is a clever piece of kit that works in tandem with your smartphone by mapping every swing you make.

“It’s such an effective teaching and practicing tool, that I believe every golfer should be using it if they are serious about improving their game,” said world renowned coach Hank Haney, whose instructional videos feature in the SkyPro app.

“SkyPro is revolutionizing the way teachers help golfers to learn and improve. With the addition of the putting analysis feature, golfers can work on their entire game from tee to green, learning to build good habits during every practice session, not just when they’re working with their teacher.”

In practical terms, the SkyPro sensor fits snugly around the club shaft just below the grip and is easily calibrated via your smartphone. The sensor tracks the club’s motion throughout the swing, recording a vast array of data that will help you analyse each shot. The details from each swing are wirelessly transmitted to your smartphone via Bluetooth, which means all you have to worry about is making the best swing possible.

By eliminating the guesswork from your practice, the SkyPro helps you to focus on the elements that really matter. Compare your swing with the pros and get advice from coaches on everything from clubhead speed to backswing length. SkyPro will automatically highlight any unusual values that could be the cause of your swing flaws.

Each swing is mapped out and the 3D camera view allows you to review your swing from various angles: down the line, face on, above or anywhere in between. Zoom in for a detailed, close up view of any point in your swing. Double-tap or pinch to zoom. Play back your swing in real time, or slow it down for a more thorough analysis.

With an eight-hour battery life (the SkyPro has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery) and cloud storage to back-up your data, you can also share your swings with others, making it perfect for instructors to track your progress. Every time you take a lesson, your coach will now have access to an invaluable library of material about your game.

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