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​​GPS-trackers are now among the trendiest gadgets available to golfers. Mobitee and PIQ have combined forces to give players a superb piece of kit.

  • 16 March 2016
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The PIQ multisport sensor attaches to a player’s glove and works in tandem with the Mobitee tags to provide incredible feedback. In addition to swing analysis and live shot tracking, the PIQ sensor acts as a distance-measuring device.

An LED matrix display on the PIQ sensor provides the player with distance to the green, acting as a range finder. The Mobitee golf club tags, which screw in to the grip, allow for sensor readings so that each shot can be recorded. The information is then transferred to the Mobitee app, providing a detailed analysis of each round.
The use of GPS technology allows the Mobitee App to produce an accurate and reliable measure of your round, recording the distance of each shot and presenting a detailed overview. Over time, the data generated from each round paints a picture of your game. If you’re working with a coach, this is the perfect way to look at areas for improvement and measure your progress.

Golf_MobityPIQ LD.jpg​One of the really smart features of the Mobitee App is the way that it analyses your data, providing you with average distances for each club so that you know just how far you’re actually hitting the ball.

It’s the kind of information that could make all the difference when you’re faced with a club-selection dilemma on the course.

If all of that wasn’t enough, the PIQ sensor also acts as a swing analyser and will show you club-head speed, swing path and tempo. For the more advanced player, this is a really exciting innovation.

As wearable technology goes, this is one of the most interesting on the market and is sure to be a hit with golfers of all levels. The PIQ sensor also has an added advantage – it can be used for a variety of sports, from basketball to tennis to soccer.

Of course the golfer has to play the shots and no gadget can do that for you but armed with accurate, reliable information can only make you a better player.




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