How to get golf into your life

​Now is the perfect time to get into golf and discover all that the game has to offer

  • 16 April 2018

There has never been a better time to get into golf. Longer days and brighter evenings light up the fairways. Golfers everywhere rejoice.​

And now you can join them by signing up for a Get into Golf programme at a club near you.

"When I started golf I simply loved to play but I understood very few if any of the benefits of the game at the time," says Olympian Seamus Power, who learned the game at West Waterford and is currently playing on the PGA Tour. "It has helped me with self-discipline, patience, and hard work - all positive attributes to any life or career not alone golf."

Clubs across Ireland are keen to recruit new members and the Confederation of Golf in Ireland (CGI) have established the 'Get into Golf' programme for people who want to take up the game.

Learn to play in a fun and friendly environment with the help of the CGI and your local club. Affordable and flexible, the cost of a Get into Golf programme ranges from £/€40-80 and all clubs running Get into Golf programmes offer introductory membership ranging from £/€150-300.

"Another huge benefit that I learned and gained from golf was the social side," says Seamus Power. "I gained experience in how to interact and communicate with people in all sorts of walks of life. My experience in golf has been nothing but positive and taking up the game was one of the best decisions of my life."

To find out more about the Get into Golf programme and to find a club near you - click here