Els for Autism to run golf training seminar

​#GameOn Autism Golf is an innovative program that gives children and young adults on the autism spectrum access to the game of golf.

  • 07 August 2019


Is this for you?
Are you a PGA Professional (PGA 25 CPD points awarded), an exercise leader, a PE teacher, and/or a golf and autism advocate? if you answered yes to any of these, then it is for you.

What is it?
Ernie Els #GameOn Autism Golf is an innovative program, developed by Els for Autism in collaboration with PGA REACH and The First Tee, that gives children and young adults on the autism spectrum access to the game of golf. 

The program is aimed at developing social/communication skills, encouraging social interaction and promoting healthy living through golf.Infused with evidence-based practices for teaching golf to individuals with ASD. #GameON Autism Golf is designed to build self-esteem and confidence in a fun, welcoming and supportive environment. The program encourages participants to learn golf skills while practising specific autism learning objectives, including: communication, regulatory, motor and social skills. 

The #GameON Autism Golf Facility at The Els Center of Excellence is a hub for training golf instructors on best practices for teaching golf and sports to individuals with autism. It has expanded its reach to Europe and South Africa, and through partnership with the UNESCO Chair at the Institute of Technology Tralee and the Golf Trust UK, instructors/coaches can now avail of training to become skilled in delivering the #GameON Autism golf programme.

What does the training cover?
The characteristics of autism, the relationship between autism and golf, how to host a #GameON Autism Golf Clinic, and the #GameON Autism Golf Program.

Location and date
Wednesday 4th September at GUI National Golf Academy, Carton Demesne, Maynooth, County Kildare.

Timeline: 3 hour indoor didactic seminar, 30 minute break, 45 minute clinic set up, 1 hour GameON Autism Golf Clinic.

Supported by:
PGA REACH, The Golf Trust, The First Tee, UNESCO Chair, PGA (USA, UK, Europe, Ireland) the Confederation of Golf Ireland, and CARA (Ireland).

Learning Objectives: 
At the end of training, attendees will be able to:
Demonstrate knowledge of key characteristics of autism spectrum disorder (ASD).
Understand the administration side of coordinating and running the #GameOn Autism Golf Program.
Utilise information learned in the indoor training to create proper station set-ups with visual supports for the #GameON Autism Golf Clinic.
Utilise communication strategies taught in the indoor training to effectively teach participants with unique abilities and challenges.
Properly use visual supports such as commenting boards, social stories, boundary markers, station signs, task analyses to ensure predictability and structure within the #GameON Autism Golf Clinic.
Provide accommodations and modifications of teaching strategies based on social/communication needs of each participant.
Implement the 2019 #GameON Autism Golf Program.

For further information contact Edel Randles: Email: edel.randles@staff.ittralee.ie Phone: +353 (0)66 714 4198