CGI can support your club to get 2020 ready

CGI are sharing support they have available to help your club get ready for 2020 and beyond.​ This week's topic is business planning

  • 09 October 2019
The Confederation of Golf in Ireland (CGI) was created by the GUI, the ILGU and the PGA to help advance golf on the island of Ireland. The CGI provides a necessary combined approach to certain key strategic areas in the future development of golf in Ireland.

Over the next number of weeks, CGI will be sharing support they have available to help your club get ready for 2020 and beyond.

A business plan is an important tool for managing and growing any organisation. A well-designed plan lays out a vision of growth and the steps needed to get there. The development of your golf clubs unique business plan will give clarity and purpose to the club today and into the coming years. 

By clearly identifying all the important facts about the club – its history, the current financial situation and specifying core areas you can begin to focus your efforts and start achieving real results through SMART goal setting.

CGI can help to facilitate the creation or review of your clubs business or strategic plan through Club Planning Support and the new Club Planning Guide.


Membership Development involves both recruiting new members and maintaining the existing members of your club. Both of these membership categories require a targeted approach which will include a customer service focus, marketing, communication and pricing proposals.
This will ensure that your club is best positioned to attract new members, engage with them to maximise the chance they will renew and make sure that your existing members become champions of the club due to the fantastic experience of being a member.
CGI can help your club review it’s current membership development practices and provide recommendations through our Membership Development Support.
Golf club fundraising is an important activity for committees as they seek to improve facilities and cover running costs. 

Did you know that CGI can support clubs in this endeavour via a number of channels? The Golf Club Fundraising Guide has been created to provide best practice advice and showcase a number of successful case studies which are ranked by level of input and effort required.

Additionally, CGI Staff can support your clubs application for the Sports Capital Grant by way of guidance and sharing the experience of other successful applicants. Seventy-two golf clubs in Ireland benefitted from over €2million in 2017 for a broad range of equipment and capital projects including practice facilities, mowers, junior golf academies, drainage work and general course improvements. 

The first instalment of 2018 Grants were announced in May where 38 golf clubs were awarded over €2million for equipment. The second, and larger, instalment is expected to be announced before the end of the year.  

Next week: Membership Surveys