Have you time for nine?

​​​The Irish Ladies' Golf Union and the Golfing Union of Ireland will once again run a Nine-Hole Championship which will culminate in a Grand Final at The Open

  • 19 February 2020

The Irish Ladies' Golf Union and the Golfing Union of Ireland will once again run a Nine-Hole Championship which will culminate in a Grand Final conducted by The R&A at the 2020 Open Championship venue, Royal St George's, on Saturday 11th July (the Saturday before The Open commences).

The Unions will run four Nine-Hole Regional finals in the second and third weeks of June 2020 with the winning pair from each regional final qualifying for the Championship final in Royal St George's.

The four winning pairs from Ireland will play in the final, and will avail of the following:
  • R&A will cover the cost of accommodation on the night of Friday 10th July near Royal St George's Golf Club.
  • R&A will provide dinner for the finalists in Royal St George's clubhouse on the evening of Friday 10th July.
  • R&A will cover all reasonable finalists' travel costs to and from the venue.
  • R&A will provide lunch following golf on Saturday 11th July.​

Participating clubs will run club qualifiers over nine holes, the winners of which will represent their club in one of the four regional finals. The Club may organise the qualifier and, if desired, schedule in Club Diary in one of the following ways:
  • A nine-hole Mixed competition in which players pick their partners (the combined singles stableford scores of both players counting for the team's score).
  • Separate nine-hole Men's and Ladies' competitions (the winner of both going forward as a team to represent their Club at the regional final).

Please note the following points in relation to the above:
  • Clubs must have a nine-hole SSS rating (application form available from GUI Provincial Branches or ILGU HQ for courses that are not yet rated).
  • Competitions must take place on or before 25th May 2020 and be qualifying for handicapping purposes.
  • There are no individual upper or lower age limits for this competition; however, a pair may only include one player (male or female) who is under 18 years of age in the year of the event. 

To be eligible, Clubs must enter the 9 Hole competition by Tuesday 31st March 202​0 by filling out an online form (completion time should be 2 minutes) giving the name and email address of a contact person from the club. The ILGU and GUI will send all key information on the event to this email address at the close of entries. The club qualifier(s) must be run, and details of the winners must be received, on or before Monday 25th May 2020.

 >> To register your club, click here. << (https://tourentry.golfbox.dk/?cid=2275313​)​

>> To download a copy of the competition rules, click here. << (https://www.golfnet.ie/Events/9-Hole%20Conditions.pdf)​