Golf Ireland Regional Election Process

​It is most important to note that the elections will now take place via three phases of voting.​

  • 25 September 2020

Following communication to clubs on Friday 28 August, the Golf Ireland Transition Board has decided to hold the inaugural Regional AGMs via teleconference due to the continuing seriousness of the Covid-19 public health situation.
The key purpose of these meetings will be to elect the Regional Executive Committees for Connacht, Leinster, Munster and Ulster. The arrangements that are now in place to ensure an efficient and fair voting process for these elections are set out in the attached communication. It is most important to note that the elections will now take place via three phases of voting.
The first two phases will be via postal voting during the month of October - to elect the Regional Officer and the Zonal Ordinary Member positions respectively. The third and final phase will be via electronic voting on the day of each Regional AGM - to elect the final Ordinary Member of each Regional Executive. Further details and a timeline in relation to this is set out in the communication. 
It is of the utmost importance that all clubs consider this information now to ensure that they plan accordingly and are in a position to return their ballots to Golf Ireland in a timely manner.
This communication also serves as a further reminder for clubs (who have not yet done so) to form their Golf Ireland Liaison Committees and to provide Golf Ireland with the members via email at info@golfireland.ie. 
The deadlines for the nomination of candidates to the Regional Executives are now fast approaching, these dates are highlighted in our communication and are also outlined below, alongside the dates for each Regional AGM:

Deadline for nominations - 28 September.
Regional AGM - Monday 2 November.

Deadline for nominations - 29 September.
Regional AGM - Tuesday 3 November.

Deadline for nominations - 30 September.
Regional AGM - Wednesday 4 November.

Deadline for nominations - 1 October.
Regional AGM - Thursday 5 November.
As always, we remain on hand to answer any queries clubs may have in relation to this process, please feel free to email info@golfireland.ie and we will come back to you in a timely manner.