How to access your WHS Handicap Index

​Video and guide to accessing WHS

  • 02 November 2020

Please note that the process to migrate handicap information for October is on-going and this data will appear on your records shortly.


REGISTERING FOR THE FIRST TIME at www.golfireland.ie

To access your handicap information, you must create a new account – the process for which is explained in this video:

You will create your account at www.golfireland.ie using your eight-digit CDH number and 4-digit PIN, both of which are printed on the rear of your GUI/ILGU Member Card. ​

If, when you attempt to register you cannot progress past the initial screen, (Membership Number and PIN entry) it is most likely because you do not have the latest PIN for your account. 

This can happen if you are using an old card or if your club has ordered a replacement card for you which they have not given you.

If you cannot progress past the first phase of registration, you can look your PIN up on Golfnet if you have been registered there in the past, or if this option is not available for you, you must contact your club directly. 

Our support team does not have access to PINs.

If you have lost your card then your club must order a new card for you.

If you receive an error like the one below after entering your membership number and PIN – you must contact your club and have them check your status on the WHS system. It may be incorrectly flagged as inactive or resigned and will need to be updated by your club.


As part of the process you will be sent an email to verify your address – this email may take up to 15 minutes to arrive.

When you have successfully verified your email address, return to www.golfireland.ie and login using the credentials you have created.



In order to use this feature, you must have successfully completed the registration process above.
Your old password from Golfnet does not transfer over to the new site.

If you have created a new account on the Golf Ireland site and have forgotten or need to reset your password, go to: https://www.golfireland.ie/forgot-password ​

Please allow up to 15 minutes for the reset email to arrive.



What if my handicap has changed significantly or my handicap records are incomplete?


If you feel that your handicap index is significantly inaccurate or there are records missing, there is a recommended process to follow:


Members should first address their query to their Handicap Secretary/Committee.


Your club knows you and your playing ability. In the vast majority of cases your club will be able to make an adjustment to your Handicap Index and resolve the situation for you quickly. It must also be noted that this transition has been a huge effort for your club Handicap Secretary/Committee, all of whom are volunteers. We ask that you consider this workload when asking for your query to be addressed.


- If the Handicap Secretary/Committee cannot answer the query, the Handicap Secretary should forward it to the ILGU Handicap Advisor or GUI Handicapping Convenor/Branch Office.


Why are my scores assigned to the wrong course/tees?

The process of accurately assigning scores to courses/tees has been challenging.

Scores from the old system were never linked with a course/set of tees. So, we've had to apply a set of rules to try to map scores to courses in the new system. Whilst this process has worked for the vast majority of scores, there are some scores that have been assigned to courses/tees other than those played on the day. 


In cases where this has a material effect on the calculation of the WHS Index, we're working with your Handicap Committee to apply a fix.

Please bear with us over the coming weeks, while we complete this process.