GUI empowers clubs and embraces major change

​​Following a number of key decisions made by the Golfing Union of Ireland at their Annual General Meeting today the Union will continue its drive towards a modern and innovative structure for the game of golf in Ireland.

  • 17 February 2017

Empowering clubs to direct the future of the Union is chief among the changes agreed at today's AGM. In another significant move that reflects the progressive culture within the GUI, Irish team captain positions are now open to external candidates.

Affiliated Clubs of the GUI will now be invited to attend and vote upon the appointment of the Board, Trustees and Auditor of the GUI as well as the adoption of the financial accounts, amendments to the Rules of the Union and matters relating to the existence of the Union and the creation of any new governing body for golf. 

This move sees the dissolution of Central Council.

Speaking about the historic decision, Chairman of the Board Iggy Ó Muircheartaigh said: "I very much welcome the passing of the motion today which is a move towards increased participation, engagement and democracy within the Golfing Union of Ireland. The decision today allows our member clubs more of a say in the way in which the Union is governed".

Each club will be entitled to send two delegates to the new-look AGM where weighted ballots will be cast by clubs in correspondence with the current provisions for delegate representation in the Constitution, and the method of weighted voting will be replicated at Branch meetings.

Notices of Motion with national relevance, but not relevant to the matters listed above, will be voted on at all four branch Annual Delegate Meetings. The count of votes at each meeting will be submitted to the CEO for tabulation of the overall outcome.

The first such Annual General Meeting of the Golfing Union of Ireland will take place on or before the end of February 2018. The date and venue will be confirmed in due course.

From 2018 onwards, the appointment of Irish Team Captains at Boys, Senior and Seniors level will be open to external applications with the focus on competency. The GUI Board will appoint each Team Captain.

Knock's Peter Sinclair was elected as the 69th President of the GUI while John Moloughney was confirmed as President Elect.


1.     Each Affiliated Club will be entitled to send two delegates to the GUI AGM and vote on issues of national relevance

2.     Ireland team captain positions are now open to external candidates

3.     Dissolution of the GUI's Central Council

NOTICES OF MOTION Notices of Motion - PDF.pdf

Union Officers, Committee & Representatives 2017

Union Officers:
President: Peter Sinclair
President-Elect: John Moloughney
Hon. Secretary: Albert Lee
Hon. Treasurer: Rollo McClure

Board: Iggy Ó Muircheartaigh (Chairman), Union Officers, Jim McGovern, John Ferriter, Jim Long, John White, Keith McGarry, John Power. 

Trustees: Frederick W. Perry (Connacht), Wally Skelton (Leinster), Sean MacMahon (Munster), William G. Black (Ulster)

CONGU Representatives: Jerome Clancy, Pat Dunne

Irish Senior Team Captain: Tony Goode

Irish Boys Team Captain: Cathal McConn

Irish Seniors Team Captain: Sean O'Leary

Irish Senior Selection Committee: Tony Goode (Convenor), Niall MacSweeney, John White, John Carroll, Michael Delany

Irish Junior Selection Committee: Cathal McConn (Convenor), Jimmy Duggan, Kevin Raftery, Peter English, Alasdair Gibson

Irish Seniors Selection Committee: Sean O'Leary (Convenor), Tommie Basquille, Barry Doyle, Michael Coote, Brian Hutchinson

STRI Representative: Michael P Murphy

Finance Committee: Peter Sinclair (President), John Moloughney (President-Elect), Albert Lee (Honorary Secretary), Rollo McClure (Honorary Treasurer), Frederick W. Perry (Connacht), Wally Skelton (Leinster), Sean MacMahon (Munster), William G. Black (Ulster), Michael Evans (Connacht), Dom Murphy (Leinster), Peter English (Munster), Alasdair Gibson (Ulster).

Junior Golf Committee: Alasdair Gibson (Convenor), Union Officers, Cathal McConn (Irish Boys Team Captain), Jimmy Duggan, Kevin Raftery, Peter English, John McKinstry, John McGrath, Kevin Murray, John Durcan. 

Championship Committee: Pat Finn (Convenor), Jim Mooney, Nicky McLoughlin, Jimmy Duggan, Aidan Marsden, Joe McNamara, Kevin Raftery, Tom Donnelly, Kevin Glynn, Barry Lynch, Brian Hutchinson, Diarmuid Logue, Nick Agate.

SSS & Handicapping Committee:  Jerome Clancy (Convenor), Union Officers, CONGU Rep, Tony Slevin, Jim Mooney, Henry Lee, Willie O'Brien, Pat Dunne, Dave Prendergast, Norman Bennett, Brian Hutchinson.

Rules & Competitions Committee: Aidan Marsden (Convenor), Union Officers, Niall MacSweeney, John Cullen, Dave Prendergast, Norman Bennett, Kevin Stevens, Enda Lonergan, Karen Walsh, Teresa Thompson.

Constitution Review Committee: Ivor McCandless (Convenor), Union Officers, Fred Perry, Dom Murphy, Brian Punch, Tom Jones.

High Performance Committee: Niall MacSweeney (Convenor), Union Officers, Irish Team Captain, Irish Boys Captain, Convenor Junior Golf, John MacDonagh, Stephen Browne, Phil Cooney, Brendan Edwards, Michael Burns.

Honorary Delegates:
Seamus Smith, Michael Butler, Colm Madigan, Michael Burns, Tom Jones.

WJ Miscampbell