Deadline looming for Ireland team captain recruitment

The Golfing Union of Ireland have modernised the appointment of Ireland team captains by adopting an open appointment process to identify the future leaders of Irish golf teams at Boys, Senior and Seniors levels.

  • 31 October 2017

​PHOTO: Outgoing Irish Team Captain Tony Goode. Photo by Golffile.

Prospective candidates are now required to submit an application and in a new departure for the GUI, external recruits will be considered for the first time. This opens the door for anyone with the necessary skills to become captain of an Ireland team. 
“The new application process to fill the Team Captain roles is another important step in the GUI’s commitment to be more open and transparent” explained Pat Finn, CEO.

Candidates will be expected to have knowledge and understanding of high performance golf, well-developed leadership and motivational skills, excellent communication skills and a knowledge and understanding of tactical play in golf.
The successful candidate will act as Team Captain at international matches and championships as well as attend GUI events during their three-year term.
The deadline for receipt of applications is 3 November, 2017.
The GUI have three captaincy positions to fill: Seniors; Senior; and Boys (under-18). Each captain serves a three-year term, subject to reappointment by the GUI Board each year.

Full descriptions of the roles are contained in the document below.