Attendance Policy, Pre-reg requirement and Inter Club updates

​Attendace Policy for Championships updated; Pre-registration required; Inter-Club guidance updated

  • 31 July 2020

Attendance Policy at Championships and Pre-Registration Requirements - Updated
Events to be held 'Behind Closed Doors' initially

The competition environment in amateur golf is un-ticketed, open and accessible and therefore challenging to regulate entry to – especially in higher-profile and well-attended events. 

Therefore, during the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is initially intended that only those who are taking part in or assisting with our championships will attend.

For clarity a full list of categories of permissible attendees can be found in our Attendance Policy

This document will be reviewed on a weekly basis throughout the competition season and updates may be made in reviewing public health measures and/or specific event plans. 


All permissible categories of attendees listed above are also requested to fill out an electronic attendance form. 

Specific players' forms will be issued via email from the event organiser. 

The registration form for all other attendees is available to view here. 

In relation to Inter Club Matches, our guidance has been updated. 

Please consult the policy here

Summary of Updates since last revision on 24 July:

New Clause 1.3

– Provides reminder on the current international travel advice for the Republic of Ireland and how this applies to participants in inter-club matches, incl​uding those who live in Northern Ireland but are intending to play a match at a club situated in the Republic of Ireland, following clarification from Sport Ireland.