Clubs opportunity to have their say

​Connacht Golf Annual Delegates' Meeting, Tuesday November 28

  • 14 November 2017

​The affiliated Clubs of Connacht Golf will get their annual chance to have their say on the running of golf in the province and nationally at the Annual Delegates' meeting.

Tuesday November 28th at 7pm in the ABBEY HOTEL, ROSCOMMON (please note that this is a change to the original venue) is where in excess of 100 Club delegates' are entitled to attend and have their say and cast their ballot for change.

A larger than usual agenda is before the meeting as their are many Motions down for decision.

Complete ADM and Special ADM Portfolio 2017.pdf

Please note that there will be a new procedure for voting on Motions of National Relevance at this year's Annual Delegates' Meeting due to a series of amendments to the Constitution of the Golfing Union of Ireland, adopted at the AGM of Central Council in February 2017.

Instead of each Delegate casting a vote, each Club will have one ballot weighted in accordance with the number of Delegates the Club is entitled to be represented by. In other words, a Club that is entitled to representation by three Delegates will have one Ballot worth three votes, whereas a Club entitled to representation by one Delegate will have one Ballot worth one vote. In all of these cases, one of the Delegates in attendance representing the Club will cast the ballot on behalf of the Club.

Before, a Motion was declared "carried/supported" or "not supported" by each Province. This result would then have determined the way delegates from each Province would have voted at Central Council. Now, however, the Annual Delegates' Meetings will have the final decision on these motions, and as such, every vote will be counted, with the result of the counts at the four Annual Delegates' Meetings combined to determine the overall result of the Motion.

Only Motions of National Relevance which do not involve an amendment to the Constitution of the Union will be voted on in this way at Annual Delegates' Meetings. Should your Club wish to submit a Motion to amend the Constitution of the Golfing Union of Ireland, this will be voted on at the Annual General Meeting of the Union at which all member Clubs will be entitled to send two representatives and to cast ballots in accordance with the same weighted system described above.

A series of questions will be put to clubs on changes to current inter-club events and the introduction of new competitions to broaden appeal at this year's Annual Delegates' Meetings (ADMs) in November.

The proposals for change, which will ultimately be decided upon by the Union's member clubs at these meetings, come after a lengthy review process which involved a survey of 4,000 golfers, a focus group of 12 golf club members and a series of internal discussions between the Provincial Councils and the Union's Rules & Competitions Committee.

In an acknowledgement of the competitive gulf between the AIG Senior and AIG Junior Cups and the evolution of standards in these competitions since their introduction over 100 years ago, the Connacht, Leinster and Munster Provincial Councils will ask clubs to vote on a change in the handicap limit of the AIG Junior Cup from 5 to 4.

The Connacht and Munster Provincial Councils will also propose a series of motions seeking to introduce concomitant changes in the other handicap-based competitions, in which the AIG Jimmy Bruen Shield individual handicap limit would be lowered from 6 to 5, with the minimum combined handicap to be lowered from 17 to 15. A further proposal from the Munster and Connacht Councils would lower the AIG Pierce Purcell Shield individual handicap limit from 12 to 11, with the maximum combined handicap to be lowered from 27 to 25.

The final of these handicap-based motions will also ask clubs to vote on changes to the GUI All-Ireland Four-Ball competition, lowering the individual handicap limit from 16 to 15 and that of the pair from 36 to 34.

The Leinster Provincial Council will propose a motion seeking to amend the format of the Pierce Purcell Shield from Foursomes to Scotch Foursomes, a format where two players play from the tee with the better tee-shot then being selected and alternate shots being played from then until the completion of the hole.

In addition, the Leinster, Ulster and Connacht Provincial Councils will co-sponsor a motion seeking the introduction of a new All-Ireland inter-club competition for over-55s, while the Leinster and Connacht Councils will join together to propose a motion to introduce a new All-Ireland inter-club nett competition for junior golfers under 18 years of age, which would replace the current Junior Foursomes competition.

The Provincial Councils have published specific rationales for the motions being proposed ahead of the meetings at which the votes will be taken. All in all, however, the motions seek to respond to an identified need for new competitions to appeal more broadly to the golfing population while enhancing the competitive profile of the current events.

Golf Club Committees are encouraged to discuss the proposed changes – and indeed were encouraged to propose their own should they have views on how the events should change. The deadline for submission has now elapsed for such submissions..

The changes will be voted on under a new voting system this year, with every club casting one ballot weighted based on the number of delegates they are entitled to send to the meeting.

In a departure from previous years, every single vote cast at each of the four Annual Delegates' Meetings will be counted and the overall result will determine whether these changes are introduced. 

We look forward to seeing you all in ROSCOMMON on Tuesday November 28.

Complete ADM and Special ADM Portfolio 2017.pdf