Rules of Golf Information Nights

​Do you want to be better informed about the New Rules, then attend the Rules Information Night at your Club.

  • 31 January 2019

Connacht Golf in association with the ILGU Western District shall jointly deliver Club Information Nights on the Rules of Golf Modernisation.

These nights are open to all Club Members, Young and Old, Male and Female.​ If you can't make the one scheduled for your own Club then you are more than welcome to attend one in a neighbouring club, or even go to both.

All Clubs have been invited to apply for a night and as of 31 January thrity of the forty clubs in Connacht have done so. The first phase of Information Nights commences on the week beginning 18 February.

So keep an eye out for the Meeting Poster at your Club and if you don't see one then ask your Club Secretary when it's on or to apply for one. They are free and they are in your best interest for the competitive season ahead.

The R & A have also got a Player's Edition of the Rules on their website and a Player's App for the new rules which are both fantastic resources.




Golf lessons at the GUI National Golf Academy - more infomation at www.bettergolf.ie​