2020 Connacht Golf Summer Camps

​​Roll Out of Information deferred due to COVID-19

  • 26 March 2020

​One of the highlights of the programs offered by Connacht Golf, indeed success stories, has been its Boys Golf Summer Camps.

They began in 2018 and over the two seasons since they have seen a growth of approximately 7% in the region in Boys Golf,

The 2020 Camps shall once again be a primary focus for the Connacht Golf Junior Committee. Given the current restrictions and measures in place to fight the spread of the Coronavirus we have been unable to hold our Junior Convenor Workshops this past week.

Connacht Golf remains committed to staging these as soon as it is safe to do so.

In the interim if any Junior Convenor wishes to get an information on the 2020 Camps please email: Enda@connacht.gui.ie

Stay Safe everyone and this will pass.