It's here, WHS has arrived .

​​​What you need to do the set up your Handicap Index Profile

  • 02 November 2020

​WHS has arrived.

A new era of handicap management for Players, Clubs and Governing Bodies has arrived after years of preparation between International Golf Bodies.


Amidst the rush to see what this means for you, the Player, the following key points need to be noted:

1. You must register on the new platform in order to see your handicap index. https://www.golfireland.ie/signup…

2. In order to register you will need to know your GOLFnet Number and your personal unique 4-Digit Pin which is on the back of your GOLFnet Card and also on your online GOLFnet Profile in the Dashboard. Of course you will have to have previously registered on GOLFnet to view it here.

3. If you have access to neither of the options under point 2 above then you can get your Pin from your HOME Club Handicap Secretary, and only him/her, as it's the gateway to your personal information which is GDPR protected.

4. The registration process is likely to be under tremendous pressure over the coming days so you will need to be patient in waiting for receipt of the verification email and also in raising queries with your Home Club Volunteers.

5. When you do get access you need to be aware that the Handicap Index is subject to review and adjustment by your Home Club given that there are variances between the old CONGU System and the new WHS with respect to what entries are used to create your Index, e.g. GPA Adjustments, Exceptional Score Reductions, Players with no Competition Returns whatsoever, Players with less than 20 eligible returns since 1 January 2018, etc. Again, please be patient with the Club VOLUNTEERS who will have in many cases hundreds of player records to review.

6. Probably most important of all, your Handicap Index is not your Course/Playing Handicap going forward. Therefore, you should not expect it to be identical to your CONGU Handicap, in some cases it may be, but in the majority of cases it will not be.

7. Your Course Handicap is dependent on the USGA Slope Rating of the Tee Boxes you play from. Irish Courses can be viewed here - https://ncrdb.usga.org/…

IMPORTANT: You should not use the USGA Course Handicap Calculator which we have seen being shared on Social media. The CONGU region has adopted a different policy for the Calculation of Course and Playing Handicaps to America, see below -

CONGU Course Handicap = Your Handicap Index multiplied by (Slope of the Tees in Use divided by 113).

Your CONGU COURSE Handicap is then subject to one final adjustment for Format of Play to establish your PLAYING Handicap for competitions and General/Casual Play - 95% for Singles, 85% for Fourball and 50% for Foursomes.

All queries regarding your new Handicap Index , Locating your Pin, etc. should be directed to your Home Club Committee at all times.

For Home Club Committees, if you have any issues which you cannot resolve on the ground then your should direct those, with as much detail as possible to handicapping@golfireland.ie