Leinster Golf seeks candidate for Council

​​​​​​The Annual Delegates Meeting (ADM) of Leinster Golf will be held on Monday 27th November at 7:30pm in Castleknock Hotel & Country Club.  This notice and all relevant documenation has been sent to Honorary Secretaries of Men's Clubs in the past 7 days.  

  • 03 October 2017

Leinster Golf invites applications for one representative for election to the South & East Leinster region. ​

Leinster Council comprises of three Officers and fifteen members who are elected annually (except as provided for in Clause 5.1.2*) by delegates of clubs from within the five different elector​al zones in the Province.  Three are elected to Council from each zone, each of whom shall be voting members of their club within that zone.

Only clubs from these electoral zones will elect Council members for each zone.  All other Council members are currently serving a three-year term and therefore do not require re-election ref.  Byelaws Clause 5.1.2* – "newly elected Council Members may serve a minimum term of three years before seeking re-election".  ​

The names of candidates for election to the Council must be received 28 days in advance of the meeting at this office and not later than 5.00pm on Sunday 29th October 2017.  Please note that only outgoing Officers of the Council, Ordinary Members of the Council and delegates appointed by the clubs to the Annual Delegates Meeting, are eligible for election to the Council.

If you are interested in going forward for election at the Annual Delegates Meeting, please note that all candidates being nominated

  • Must be proposed and seconded by their club officers.
  • Nominations submitted shall be included on official club letterhead.
  • Clubs should consider nominating persons to Council who have had experience on their own Committees and who can make a positive contribution to the smooth running of Leinster Golf activities. ​

Role and Responsibilities of Council and of individual Council members.

Please note that any affiliated club that wishes to put forward a motion for the ADM must submit same not later than Monday 16th October in accordance with Rule 34 GUI Constitution.  

Pictured 2017 Leinster Golf Council - Cashman Photography