World Handicapping System Seminars Leinster UPDATE

​​Seminars scheduled before 29th March are postponed

  • 16 March 2020

The World Handicapping System (WHS) Seminars scheduled up to the 29th March are postponed, this includes Kilkenny GC, Malahide GC, Co Meath GC and Newlands GC following a statement from the GUI and ILGU last week, see below.

WHS Seminars scheduled after the 29th March are subject to change and will only go ahead if there are no further postponements of seminars by the GUI & ILGU. 

All World Handicap System meetings, GUI, ILGU and Confederation of Golf in Ireland workshops from 6pm on 12th March until 29th March are postponed. We are confident that there will be time to reschedule these once restrictions have been lifted.​