Revised Interclub Deadlines Released

​​​​In light of restrictions being extended in Kildare, Leinster Golf has reviewed the timelines further for Interclub matches to accommodate clubs directly affected. 

  • 26 August 2020

Revised Leinster Interclub draws can be viewed as follows:- 

​AIG Senior Cup https://www.golfnet.ie/guilive#/competition/2225796/info      
AIG Pierce Purcell Shield https://www.golfnet.ie/guilive#/competition/2225224/info      
AIG Junior Cup https://www.golfnet.ie/guilive#/competition/2225837/info     
AIG Jimmy Bruen Shield https://www.golfnet.ie/guilive#/competition/2225116/info 

Barton Cup https://www.golfnet.ie/guilive#/competition/2572256/info 
​Leinster Under 15 Inter Club https://www.golfnet.ie/guilive#/competition/2603409/info 


Leinster Under 18 Interclub
The finals of this competition will be rescheduled when an update on the restrictions currently in place in Kildare is advised.


AIG Cups and Shields - Leinster & All Ireland Finals
As a result of changes to the timelines, the dates for all Leinster finals have been changed and will not take place on the dates originally planned.  We will advise clubs of the revised dates when these are agreed in the coming weeks.  It remains the Union’s intention to complete the All-Ireland stages of these competitions.

While we have allowed clubs more time to complete matches particularly for the current round,  clubs not affected by the Government restrictions are asked to complete matches as soon as possible.  We understand clubs who are not located in Kildare could still be impacted by the restrictions as some of their panels are residing in Kildare, however in these situations, clubs should consider using other eligible members for the next round if possible as further restrictions could be imposed by the Government in the coming weeks.

We apologise for the inconvenience to all clubs but we are obliged to remain committed to ensuring everyone’s safety and enjoyment in compliance with the public health measures in place as well as acting in the best interests of all our clubs who have entered interclub competitions this year.

More information on Restrictions in Kildare