Munster Delegates turn out in force for ADM

​​​Munster Golf Annual Delegates Meeting 2017

  • 29 November 2017


Results from the Munster Golf Annual Delegates Meeting.

Election of Chairman
 Chairman:  Jim Long, ( Monkstown) elected 
(Unsuccessful Candidate:  Michael  Lawlor, (Tralee)
Elected Officers (unopposed)
 Hon Secretary: Barry Lynch ( Raffeen Creek)
 Hon Match & Handicapping Secretary: Dave Prendergast (Cork) 
Hon Treasurer: Peter English (Limerick) 

Elected to Provincial Council:
Gordon Adair (Douglas), John Carroll (Bandon), Phil Cooney (Lee Valley), Michael  Coote (Tralee), Tom Donnelly ( Youghal), John  Fennessy ( Clonmel), Kevin Glynn ( Lahinch), Tom Keane ( Ballybunion), Jim Lyne ( Glengarriff), Sean Moran ( Adare Manor), Michael P Murphy (Newcastle West), Kevin Murray ( Tramore), Jim Nolan ( Macroom), Sean O'Leary (Mahon), Brian Punch ( Castletroy), *David Taylor ( Muskerry), Liam Troy ( Thurles).
*Indicates new nominee
(Unsuccessful Candidate:  Pat  O'Dwyer, Ring of Kerry/Kenmare)
 Notices of Motion of PROVINCIAL RELEVANCE for Decision
1.                  Proposed by Munster Provincial Council

Procedure following withdrawal of a team from a Round 2 Match in Cups & Shields
In the event of a team withdrawing from a Round 2 match, having received a bye in the original draw, where time permits the draw for that venue will be revised as follows:
Round 1 match on top of draw will be cancelled and the two teams from that match will be allocated places in Round 2 e.g. Team A go directly to Round 2 as if they had won their Round 1 match
Team B will replace the team which has withdrawn.
Rationale: The team receiving the walkover previously would go directly to Round 3, in effect giving them two byes whereas other teams at the venue would have to play either one or two matches to progress to Round 3.
The system proposed in the motion achieves a balance in the number of matches each team has to play to progress beyond Round 2 and removes the advantage in favour of one team over the other teams at the venue.

2.                  Proposed by  Ballybunion Golf Club
That the Munster Branch run the Michael Cashman Munster Club Four-Ball to Munster Finals stage, in a similar manner to the other Cups and Shields events e.g. AIG Jimmy  Bruen Shield, AIG Pierce Purcell Shield, AIG Junior Cup etc., where the province is divided into four areas, with each area divided into two sections and each section played to a conclusion over a nominated weekend.
Rationale: This motion would help to concentrate the Michael Cashman Munster Club Four-Ball to a reduced number of outings and help prevent clashes where team members would be involved with other teams e.g. AIG Pierce Purcell.  The present system makes it difficult to keep a team together (if successful) throughout the entire summer. 

3.                  Amend Clause 4.5 of the Munster Bye Laws
4.5       Nominations for Officers or Members to serve on the Provincial Council, duly proposed and seconded, must be received by the Honorary Secretary of the Branch at least twenty eight  (28) forty two (42) days before the date of the Annual Delegates Meeting.   Such nominations shall be from duly affiliated Clubs or from the Provincial Council. Any such nomination may be withdrawn by the proposer and/or seconder in writing to the Honorary Secretary prior to the formal commencement of the meeting.
Rationale: To have uniformity with Closing date of Motions and nominations.


 4.                  Proposed by National Constitution Committee - Munster Bye Laws Amendments to ADM 2017
(Various deletions & amendments)
Rationale: The Constitution Review Committee recently reflected on the work that was done some years ago to revise the Bye Laws so that they would not conflict with the Constitution.
It was acknowledged that this work, while useful, had not fulfilled the overall purpose in that it was still necessary – from time to time – for the Bye Laws of each Branch to be changed following the passage of a Constitutional amendment at the AGM which may have resulted in the renumbering of rules, clauses and sub-clauses referenced in the Bye Laws.
In order to eliminate such a need in future, the Committee resolved that it would be necessary to remove all specific references to the Constitution from the Bye Laws and replace them with a clarifying Clause 2 indicating what issues relevant to the governance of each Branch were dealt with by the Constitution.


5.                     Proposed by  Dungarvan Golf Club
Wish to propose a motion under Munster Golf Conditions for Cups & Shields
Paragraph A.( i) refers.   The motion is that the penalty for breach of Paragraph A( i) be applied the following year to the player or players in breach of the Condition(s)and not to the Club for entry to the relevant tournament.
Rationale: This situation arose from an inadvertent error in the 2017 Pierce Purcell team selection, which involved one player.
There is now a new committee in place which would have responsibility for the 2018 Pierce Purcell team selection, a selection which would not include the player who was in breach of the rules in the 2017 competition.

Mindful of the above rationale we respectfully contend that it would be most unfair to exclude the club from the 2018 competition. To include a team from our club in 2018 would not only enhance our club's morale but on a larger scale would do a great service to the enjoyment of golf in general.
(Amendment Carried, original motion not put to the floor)
Amendment: That a new penalty (monetary fine of €250) be put in place of the existing penalty effective 2019 to read:

Motion passed at 2001 Annual Delegates Meeting (amended 2006. 2007, 2017)
These conditions must be read in conjunction with the General Rules for Cups and Shields and the specific conditions of each tournament. Penalties for clubs who cause disruption under the following headings: 
(i) Handicap irregularities (team member/s played off incorrect handicap or insufficient qualifying returns). 
(ii) Clubs failing to show up without giving any notice. 
(iii) Clubs giving very short notice of inability to field a team. 
(iv) Breach of Age Qualification. 

Amended ADM November 2017 “On breach of any of the above, the offending club/s will have the option to pay a fine of €250 or not compete in that tournament the following year. Minimum time for notice of withdrawal to Branch Office or Hon Match & Handicap Secretary: 3 working days”.

Motions of National Relevance
The results of Motions of National Relevance will be announced on Friday 1st December after all four Annual Delegates Meetings have taken place.

One Governing Body
An update was provided on the emerging proposals for a One Governing Body in Ireland following two years of work.  Details of the proposal have been presented to the Boards of the GUI and ILGU however work is required to further develop the emerging proposal over the coming weeks.  If the Boards are happy with the draft proposals, it will be issued to the four Provincial Councils for feedback.  Before the final proposal is put to a vote at an EGM, a comprehensive series of briefing sessions will take place for clubs.

Confederation of Golf in Ireland
Damien Connolly attended the meeting on behalf of CGI.  An update was circulated on ongoing development work that is being carried out by the CGI together with survey which was completed by Delegates on the night.  

CONGU Changes 2018
The National Handicapping Committee is scheduled to meet on Wednesday 6th December and will consider the recently announced CONGU changes for 2018.  CONGU changes can be viewed on this link Click Here