Munster Release Inter Club Draws 2020

​Inter Club Draws released for 2020

  • 29 June 2020

Attn: Team Captains/Managers, Players, etc intending to participate in Inter-Club Matches
The Munster section 2020 re-draws for AIG Pierce Purcell Shield, AIG Junior Cup, AIG Jimmy Bruen Shield, AIG Senior Cup, Irish Boys Inter-Club are now available through this link https://www.golfnet.ie/about-us/documents/361/2018-munster-cups-and-shields-

Please note that matches can only commence on or after Monday 20 July 2020.
All matches to be played over a single leg on a Home/Away basis with 3 matches at Home and 2 Away up to and not including quarter final stage. The Home/Away matches should, where possible, be played on the same date/time. Matches must be arranged and completed on or before the deadline date for each round.  If the two teams cannot mutually agree a date for the match, the match date is automatically designated as the date on which the deadline falls.  Deadline dates are on the end of each draw sheet. Results to be forwarded as soon as possible after the match to karen@munster.gui.ie

Full "Terms of Competition" together with Interim Guidance on playing the matches (subject to continual review) will be circulated later today from Head Office.  These will be added to above link in due course.

Team Sheets
To be completed for all matches and exchanged (electronically or otherwise following COVID-19 regulations) between Team Captains together with Cups & Shields report for AIG Pierce Purcell Shield, AIG Jimmy Bruen Shield and AIG Junior Cup.

Unresolved disputes must be notified to the Branch Office within 24 hours, inclusive of the issue giving rise to the complaint - email karen@munster.gui.ie 

It would be appreciated if you could forward Team Captain/Manager contact details of your teams to above email address in order to facilitate the smooth running of the events.

Best of luck and enjoy the rest of the playing season.