Tandragee Win the Fred Daly Plate

​Fred Daly Plate 2017 Tandragee Victorious

  • 18 September 2017

Photogragh: The Winning Tandragee team.

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Tandragee Golf Club have claimed the 2017 Fred Daly Plate.  The Semi-Final and Final took place on Sunday 17th September at Spa Golf Club. 
In the
1st Semi Final Tandragee played Holywood with the results as follows: 

(Tandragee players first) David Cunningham beat Tom McKibbin by 2 Holes, Edward Rowe beat Keaton Morrison by 2 Holes, Peter Taylor beat Seb Ewing 3 - 2, Benjamin Boyd lost to Patrick Greene 5 - 4, Cameron Fox beat Johnny Napier at 2nd tie Hole, Lewis Fox lost to Rory Casey 5 - 4, Ross Taylor lost to James Hamill 6 - 5

Tandragee won the Semi-Final 4 - 3

In the
2nd Semi Final Galgorm played Warrenpoint with the results as follows:

(Galgorm players first) Josh Hill lost to Rian Carvill 2 - 1, Jamie Surgeonor lost to Vincent Toner by 1 Hole, Mark Hayes beat John Dunne by 2 Holes, Andrew McLarnon lost to Jack Murtagh 3 - 1, Luis Surgenor 1/2 match with Bailey Wilson (Called in on the 18th Tee box with the match all square) Adam Martin lost to Eoin Fegan 7 - 6, Tom Logan beat Dylan Medlicott by 1 Hole 

Warrenpoint won the Semi-Final 4.5 - 2.5

The Final was then set between Tandragee and Warrenpoint with the results as follows:

Tandragee vs Warrenpoint (Tandragee players first) David Cunningham beat Rian Carvill 5 - 4, Edward Rowe lost to Vincent Toner 2 - 1, Peter Taylor beat John Dunne by 2 Holes, Benjamin Boyd lost to Jack Murtagh by 1 Hole, Cameron Fox beat Bailey Wilson 4 - 3, Lewis Fox beat David Duffin 3 - 1, Ross Taylor 1/2 match with Eoin Fegan (Called in from the 16th hole when Eoin Fegan was 2 up with 3 to play)

Result of the Final: Tandragee won 4.5 - 2.5

Fred Daly plate.jpg

 Photograph: Fred Daly Plate Runners up-Warrenpoint