North - Final Commentary

​Shot by Shot Commentary on the North of Ireland Championship Final from 13.30​

  • 12 July 2019

Photo; Aaron Edwards Hill (Chelmsford) T Peter O'Keeffe Douglas - courtesy of golffile.ie

Hole 18 - 471 Yards Par 4

Hole 17 - 436 Yards Par 4
Aaron Edwards-Hill win the championship 2 and 1
Putt misses just on right hand side
O'Keeffe has to hole this to keep the final alive
Edwards-Hill hits his putt to 2 inches, concede
O'Keeffe also on green same distance for his putt
Secnond shot from Edwards-Hill, on the green, thirty feet
Edwards-Hill also in the rough 193 to go
O'Keeffe sends drive ends up 112 yards 

Hole 16 - 417 Yards Par 4
Edwards- Hill2 up
O'Keeffe now, and gets the putt for the win
Rolls the bal down to 3 feet.
Edwards-Hill gets relief from the sprinkler head
O'Keeffe finds green with excellent strike and is ten feet to th hole
Edwards-Hill first to play and is off the right hand side of green
Both players find light rough on right hand side, 190 - 200 yards to the green

Hole 15 - 198 Yards Par 3
Edwards-Hill 3 up
O'Keeffe holes for a half
Edwards-Hill chipping once again stops one foot from the hole putt conceded
O'Keeffe pitches back ontot the green, six feet by
O'Keeffe has come up further to the left, butis in thicker rough
Edwards-Hill plays and is just off the putting surface, left hand side

Hole 14 - 522 Yards Par 5
Edwards-Hill 3 up
Edwards-Hill with putt for the win, Sinks the putt
O'Keeffe misses the one back, conceded for a five
O'Keeffe's chip runs on and is six feet past the pin
Edwards-Hill chips, and comes up  feet past the hole
Both players equidistant to the hole3
O'Keeffe also hits iron through to the back of the green.
Edwards-Hill plays iron onto the green but just runs off into the first cut of orugh
Edwards-Hill 240 to the green after tee sho, on the fairway
O'Keeffe to drive first. Big hit, 198 yards to the green, from middle of the fairway

Hole 13 - 555 Yards Pay 5
Edwards-Hill two up
Birdie putt from Edwards-Hill also finishes just shrt and hole is halved
Putt dead and conceded for par five
O'Keeffe putting from off the green, 65 feet to the hole
Edwards-Hill safely on the green 25 feet past the pin
O'Keekke's third is off the back of the green
The thick rough has made it very hard for O'Keeffe to progress his ball farfeet justf
Edwards-Hill plays up right hand side, just off the fairway in the light roughoff the bck o
Edwards-Hill right of the road, in the semi rough
O'Keeffe drives to the left hand side rough

Hole 12 - 167 Yards Par 3
Edwards-Hill 2 up
Edwards-Hill for the win is short but conceded
Chip shot finishes dead at the hole and is conceded
Edwards-Hill shot hits the centre of the gren, 30 feet from the green
O'Keeffe misses the green, is close to the bunker front right

Hole 11 - 407 Yards Par 4
Edwards-Hill 2 up
Edwards-Hill for the half, sinks the putt
O'Keeffe gets the par putt
Edwards -Hill also opting to chip, three feet left of the hole
O'Keeffe chipping from the rough goes twelve feet past
O'Keeffe from a fluffy lie in the whispy grass, also goes long, just off the back of the green
Edwards-Hill to play first. Good shot hits the green but trickles off the back left
O'Keeffe ends up in the left rough off the tee, and Edwards-Hill on the other side of the fairway also in light rough

Hole 10 - 407 Yards Par 4
Edwards-Hill 2 up
O'Keeffe putt fpr the win shaves the hole. Half in four
Edwards-Hill putt is right on line, but stops 1 foot from the pin
O'Keeffe also landed short but crept onto the green, 30 feet still to go
Edwards-Hill short of the green, but close enough to putt
Edwars-Hill on centre of fairway, 110 yds to go
O'Keeffe tee shot stays in th rough on right hand side of fiarway, 104 yds to the green

Hole 9 - 378 Yards Par 4
Edwards-Hill two up
Edwards-Hill gets his putt for the half
O'Keeffe misses the birdie putt, next conceded for four
O'Keeffe also a good shot five feet from the pin
An excellent chip to three and a half feet from Edwards-Hill
Edwards-Hill plays out and still has some 30 yrd to go
Edwards-Hill in left hand rough, 120 yds from green
O'Keeffe uses the wind and is only 25 yds short of the green

Hole 8 - 445 Yards Par 4
Edwards-Hill 2 up
Par putt misses and putt conceded to o'Keeffe for the win
Edwards-Hill on the front of the green but still 25 feet away
O'Keeffe hits chip to 4 feet from the pin
Edwards-Hill plays the safe shot and comes up 4short 50 yards to the green
O'Keeffe drive gets to the bottom of the hill on the turn, 90 yards to the green
A slight push by Edwards-Hill leaves him just off the rough on the right

Hole 7 - 516 Yards Par 5
Edwards-Hill 3 up
O'Keeffe misses the putt and conceds Edwards-Hill'sputt
O'Keeffe does not play the chip well and is short
Edwards-Hill plays his chip to 3 ft from the hole
O'Keeffe plays just of back of green, up against the rough
Edwards-Hill comes up thirty yards short of the green
O'Keeffe centre of fairway 180 yards to go
Edwards-Hill in rough on right hand side, 200 yards to go

Hole 6 - 143 Yards Par 3
Hole halved, Edwards-Hill remains two up
Edwards-Hill gets the putt back for a half
O'Keeffe takes two to get down
Edwards-Hill leaves it 4 feet past hole
O'Keeffe 20 feet from hole
Edwards-Hill 40 feet from hole with tee shot

Hole 5 - 461 Yards Par 4
Edwards-Hill 2 up
O'Keeffe's ball found after three minte time, hole conceded
Provisional ball alsoo goes in the same line
O'Keeffe hooks tee shot into the rough, opts to play provisional
Edwards-Hill just in light rough on right, clear view of the green

Hole 4 - 583 Yards Par 5
Edwards-Hill 1 up
Hole halved in five
Edwards-Hill leaves himself 3 and a half feet, but gets the one back
O'Keeffe sinks his putt for a five
O'Keeffe chips back onto the green
Edwards-Hill plays onto the centre of the green, 22 feet from the hole
O'Keeffee plays his third shot over the back of the green
Edwards-Hill plays out onto fairway
O'Keeffe middle of thte fairway, 180 yards out
Both drives have missed the fairway, but have been found in the rough

Hole 3 - 218 Yards Par 3
Edwards-Hill 1 up
Edwards-Hill puttc onceded
O'Keeffe has bad lie and does not get onto the green
A good chip by Edwards-Hill leaves him two feet to the hole
Edwards -Hill does likewise
O'Keeffe misses the green with his tee shot.

Hole 2 - 366 Yards Par4 
Match all square
Edwards-Hill's chip misses the green and he concedes the hole 
Edwards-Hill left of the green in 3
Edwards-Hill try to get out of the heavy rough - finishes in the rough again 40 yards from the green in 2
O'Keefe on green 12 feet from pin with second shot
Edwards-Hill's ball is found in the heavy rough 100 yards from green
O'Keeffe drives to 89 Yards from Green
Edwards Hill's tee shot looks like it could be lost and he plays a provisional ball

Hole 1 - 427 Yards Par 4
Edwards -Hill wins the hole with a 4 to go 1up
Both players chip onto green and Edwards-Hill follows O'Keeffee into the hole
Edwards-Hill plays his second to 10 yards short of green
O'Keeffe has to take a penalty drop and then plays his third to 30yards short of green
O'Keeffe on the fairway but bounced into the rough bounded by whin bushes
Edwards-Hill in the left rough but lying ok
Both players drive off in the final

Total: 7118 Yards Par 72 SSS 73