​Lahinch local shines in glorious sunshine

​​Irish Women’s Close Championship, Lahinch Golf Club

  • 13 May 2016
Caption: Sinead Sexton (Lahinch)

Championship Match Play DRAW​.

Irish Women’s Close – Championship Quarter Final Match Play – 14/05/16
Sinead Sexton (Lahinch) V Valerie Clancy (Killarney)
Louise Coffey (Malone) V Georgia Carr (Milltown)
Shannon Burke (Ballinrobe) V Aoife Lowry (Tipperary)
Maria Dunne (Skerries) V Olivia Mehaffey (RCDL)

Irish Women’s Close – Championship Match Play – 14/05/16
Sinead Sexton (Lahinch) beat Paula Walsh (Doneraile)2up
Valerie Clancy (Killarney) beat Sara Byrne (Douglas) 2&1 
Louise Coffey (Malone) beat Mary Doyle (The Heath) 3&2
Sarah Cunningham (Ennis) lost to Georgia Carr (Milltown) 1up 
Chloe Ryan (Castletroy) lost to Shannon Burke (Ballinrobe) 1up
Aoife Lowry (Tipperary) beat Rachel Thompson (Cork) 4&2
Maria Dunne (Skerries) beat Lauren Walsh (Castlewarden) 3&2
Olivia Mehaffey (RCDL) beat Mairead Martin (Killarney) 2up

Plate Match Play DRAW​

Irish Women’s Close – Plate Quarter Final Match Play – 14/05/16
Anne McCormack (Naas) V Lisa O'Shea (Shannon)
Aedin Murphy (Carlow) V Ellen O'Gorman (Milltown)
Catriona Griffin (Killarney) V Orla Dunphy (Kilkenny)
Elisa Corcoran (Grange) V Karen Delaney (Carlow)

Irish Women’s Close – Plate Match Play – 14/05/16
Valerie Shannon (Lahinch) lost to Anne McCormack (Naas) on the 19th 
Lisa O'Shea (Shannon) (W/O) 
Gillian O'Leary (The Island) lost to Aedin Murphy (Carlow) 3&2
Ellen O'Gorman (Milltown) (W/O)
Olivia Lucas (Lahinch) lost to Catriona Griffin (Killarney) on the 20th 
Orla Dunphy (Kilkenny) beat Maeve Rooney (Co. Sligo) on the 19th 
Clodagh Jones (Roscrea) lost to Elisa Corcoran (Grange) 3&2
Linda Toomey (Lahinch) lost to Karen Delaney (Carlow) 5&3

1st Round Match Play HERE. ​

Qualifying Scores HERE​.

The 32 qualifiers at the Irish Women’s Close Championship took to the beautiful old course at Lahinch this morning in perfect playing conditions as an abundance of sunshine descended on the course. 

In the top half of the draw, leading qualifier Sinead Sexton (Lahinch) carried through her form to cruise through to the Championship match play after a resounding win over fellow home member Valerie Shannon. Two junior internationals Valerie Clancy (Killarney) and Lisa O’Shea (Shannon) battled it out but Clancy came out on top to progress through to tomorrow. Mary Doyle (The Heath) was down throughout the majority of the match but made a strong finish to hold off Aedin Murphy (Carlow). Great play from Munster competitors Paula Walsh (Doneraile), Sara Byrne (Douglas) and Sarah Cunningham (Ennis) saw them all come out on top, as well as in form Malone golfer Louise Coffey. 

Chloe Ryan (Castletroy) continues to lead the way in the bottom half of the draw as she overcame local member Olivia Lucas on the 14th, after holing out for eagle 3. Shannon Burke (Ballinrobe) managed to overcome Catriona Griffin (Killarney) on the 19th and will face Ryan tomorrow morning. Tipperary native Aoife Lowry dominated her match against Orla Dunphy (Kilkenny) and will face Rachel Thompson (Cork). Curtis Cup team members Maria Dunne (Skerries) and Olivia Mehaffey (RCDL) eased through their matches to progress to the Championship match play. Lauren Walsh (Castlewarden) and Mairead Martin (Killarney) also emerged victorious. 

The 16 first round winners will now compete in the Championship match play and those who were unsuccessful in the first round are through to the plate.  All information for the Irish Women’s Close Championship, including the match play draw can be found HERE.

Irish Women’s Close – Championship Match Play – 14/05/16
08:30​ Sinead Sexton (Lahinch) V Paula Walsh (Doneraile)
08:39 Valerie Clancy (Killarney) V Sara Byrne (Douglas)
08:48 Louise Coffey (Malone) V Mary Doyle (The Heath)
08:57 Sarah Cunningham (Ennis) V Georgia Carr (Milltown)  
09:06 Chloe Ryan (Castletroy) V Shannon Burke (Ballinrobe)
09:15Aoife Lowry (Tipperary) V Rachel Thompson (Cork)
09:24 Maria Dunne (Skerries) V Lauren Walsh (Castlewarden)
09:33 Olivia Mehaffey (RCDL) V Mairead Martin (Killarney)

Irish Women’s Close – Plate Match Play – 14/05/16
09:42 Valerie Shannon (Lahinch) V Anne McCormack (Naas)
09:51 Lisa O'Shea (Shannon) (W/O) 
10:00 Gillian O'Leary (The Island) V Aedin Murphy (Carlow)    
10:09 Ellen O'Gorman (Milltown) (W/O)
10:18 Olivia Lucas (Lahinch) V Catriona Griffin (Killarney)
10:27 Orla Dunphy (Kilkenny) V Maeve Rooney (Co. Sligo)
10:36 Clodagh Jones (Roscrea) V Elisa Corcoran (Grange)
10:45 Linda Toomey (Lahinch) V Karen Delaney (Carlow)

Irish Women’s Close Championship – Match Play R1 – 13/05/16
Sinead Sexton (Lahinch) beat Valerie Shannon (Lahinch) 8&7
Paula Walsh (Doneraile) beat Anne McCormack (Naas) 3&2
Valerie Clancy (Killarney) beat Lisa O'Shea (Shannon) 2&1   
Nicola Coffey (Woodbrook) lost to Sara Byrne (Douglas) 3&1  
Louise Coffey (Malone) beat Gillian O'Leary (The Island) 3&2    
Mary Doyle (The Heath) beat Aedin Murphy (Carlow) 1up   
Sarah Cunningham (Ennis) beat Ellen O'Gorman (Milltown) 3&2  
Niamh McSherry (Lurgan) lost to Georgia Carr (Milltown) 2&1
Chloe Ryan (Castletroy) beat Olivia Lucas (Lahinch) 5&4      
Catriona Griffin (Killarney) lost to Shannon Burke (Ballinrobe) on the 19th    
Orla Dunphy (Kilkenny) lost to Aoife Lowry (Tipperary) 4&3     
Rachel Thompson (Cork) beat Maeve Rooney (Co. Sligo) 3&2     
Maria Dunne (Skerries) beat Clodagh Jones (Roscrea) 7&5   
Lauren Walsh (Castlewarden) beat Elisa Corcoran (Grange) 4&3     
Olivia Mehaffey (RCDL) beat Linda Toomey (Lahinch) 8&7     
Mairead Martin (Killarney) beat Karen Delaney (Carlow) on the 19th 

Irish Women's Close Stableford Competition
Winner & Runner-up
Shannon Hegarty (Ennis) - 41 points 
Ciara Brennan (Belvoir Park) - 39 points 

Round 1&2 – Par 74 SSS 77 CSS R1 & R2 77 – 12/05/16
144 Sinead Sexton (Lahinch) 70 74
147 Chloe Ryan (Castletroy) 72 75
148 Maria Dunne (Skerries) 70 78
149 Louise Coffey (Malone) 74 75
150 Sarah Cunningham (Ennis) 76 74 Olivia Mehaffey (RCDL) 74 76
151 Orla Dunphy (Kilkenny) 79 72 Valerie Clancy (Killarney) 78 73 Nicola Coffey (Woodbrook) 76 75 Rachel Thompson (Cork) 75 76 Mairead Martin (Killarney) 72 79
154 Niamh McSherry (Lurgan) 78 76
156 Mary Doyle (The Heath) 78 78 Lauren Walsh (Castlewarden) 78 78
159 Catriona Griffin (Killarney) 82 77 Paula Walsh (Doneraile) 81 78 Anne McCormack (Naas) 80 79 Shannon Burke (Ballinrobe) 79 80
160 Elisa Corcoran (Grange) 82 78
161 Aedin Murphy (Carlow) 83 78 Georgia Carr (Milltown) 81 80 Karen Delaney (Carlow) 81 80
162 Maeve Rooney (Co. Sligo) 81 81
163 Sara Byrne (Douglas) 77 86
164 Lisa O'Shea (Shannon) 82 82 Aoife Lowry (Tipperary) 81 83 Linda Toomey (Lahinch) 77 87
165 Ellen O'Gorman (Milltown) 79 86
168 Gillian O'Leary (The Island) 84 84 Clodagh Jones (Roscrea) 82 86
170 Olivia Lucas (Lahinch) 89 81 Valerie Shannon (Lahinch) 85 85
171 Jenny Hennessy (Lahinch) 84 87
172 Niamh O'Dwyer (Lahinch) 87 85 Anna Foster (Elm Park) 87 85
173 Beth Coulter (Kirkistown Castle) 87 86
174 Sarah Crowe (Naas) 88 86
176 Claire McGonagle (Portsalon) 84 92
179 Annie Harpur (Naas) 99 80
180 Jan Browne (Kilkenny) 94 86 Orla Barry (Galway) 90 90
181 Ciara Brennan (Belvoir Park) 89 92
182 Deborah McCooke (Galgorm Castle) 90 92 Claire Keating (Killarney) 89 93 Gemma Butler (Birr) 87 95
183 Aine Donegan (Woodstock) 93 90 Eileen Coleman (Doneraile) 88 95
185 Shannon Hegarty (Ennis) 94 91 Carmel Kearney (Mallow) 92 93 Siobhan O'Herlihy (Muskerry) 90 95
187 Noreen Maloney (Oughterard) 93 94 Nicole McGavisk (Donabate) 93 94
190 Mary Geaney (Killarney) 95 95
192 Michelle Pyke (Shannon) 90 102
199 Honoria Fogarty (Castlecomer) 103 96
203 Mary Bergin (Monkstown) 98 105
Rtd Carla Reynolds (Seapoint) 84 Rtd