Notice of ILGU District Information Meetings

​​​​Dates and Venues for the District Secretaries Information Meetings 2017

  • 22 February 2017

​The 2017 District Secretaries information meetings will be held over the coming weeks and months. The District Executives appreciate all those who attend these meetings as they are paramount for communication between the District and their clubs. Topics such as handicapping, junior golf, rules and tournaments will be discussed for the coming year. The dates and venues of these meetings are as follows;

Mid Leinster
Carlow Golf Club: 25th February 2017
11.30am Handicap Secretaries and one member of her committee 
1.30pm Honorary Secretaries and one Team Manager

Carlow Golf Club: 4th March 2017
11.00am Junior Convenor’s and Junior Captain
East Leinster
Westmanstown Sports Centre: Saturday 25th February 2017
10:00am - Cedar Room: Honorary Secretaries, Competitions Secretaries & Team Co-Ordinators
12:30pm - Cedar Room: Handicap Secretaries and Assistants
10:00am - 12.00pm Junior Convenors, Junior Captains and one other member of the Junior Committee (Southside clubs
1:00pm - 3:00pm Junior Convenors, Junior Captains and one other member of the Junior Committee (Northside clubs

Mallow GAA Sports Complex: Saturday 18th February 2017
11.30am - Billy Sheahan Room: Honorary Secretaries and Competition Secretaries
11.30am - Rec Room: Handicap Secretaries and Assistants
11.30am - Seomra Naoinra: Junior Convenors and Asststants

McWilliam Park Hotel Claremorris: Saturday 18th February 2017
11.00am - Honorary Secretaries and Handicap Secretaries
11.00am - Junior Convenors and Junior Captains

Edenmore Golf Club: Saturday 4th March 2017
2.00pm - Cassock Room: Honorary Secretaries
2.00pm - Bellevue Room: Handicap Secretaries and Competition Secretaries
2.00pm - Kilfullert Room: Junior Convenors

It is recommended that each club is represented at each meeting