Irish Ladies win Home Internationals

​​​​​​​​​​​​Irish Ladies beat England for the title on the final day at the ​​​​​​​​​​​​Ladies & Girls' Home International Matches, Irish Girls second

  • 13 August 2017

​Caption: The 2017 Ladies and Girls Home Internationals Teams, Captains, Managers and Coaches (Photo: R&A)

Draw and Scoring - Girls Home International Matches
Draw and Scoring - Ladies Home International Matches

The Irish Ladies produced a dazzling fightback to defeat holders England in the deciding match at the Women's Home Internationals at Little Aston Golf Club near Birmingham. 

After the morning foursomes the two sides were level but England appeared to have the advantage shortly after the beginning of the afternoon session. Lianna Bailey beat Paula Grant 4&2 in the top match but a superb comeback from Annabel Wilson, who was 5 down at the turn, versus Ricoh Women's British Open low Amateur Sophie Lamb lead the charge for the Irish. Chloe Ryan, Julie McCarthy and Mairead Martin battled to earn points for a 5-4 victory and the first Ladies Home Internationals title to return to Ireland since 2004. 

"This is amazing," said Clodagh Hopkins, "I can't really believe it has happened. The English are a very strong team but I had an inkling we could get something out of the match. Every time we went out we just did enough, and that's exactly what we did today."

In the Girls' event, Ireland had to settle for second place after their historic win in 2016. However Irish Captain Gemma Butler was not dissappointed at having missed out on the chance to defend the title. "They are a very new, young team, so to run the English so close is very encouraging." she said. "We've also got a few other girls chomping at the bit to get in, Irish girls' golf is in a good place right now."

Girls' Home International Matches
Day 3 Ireland (2.5) vs. England (6.5)
Morning Foursomes
Valerie Clancy & Sara Byrne lost to Hollie Muse & Samantha Fuller 5&4
Lauren Walsh & Beth Coulter halved with​ Lily-May Humphreys & Emily Price
Rachel Thompson & Emma Forbes lost to Hanna Screen & Martha Lewis 2&1
Afternoon Singles
Lauren Walsh lost to Hollie Muse 6&5
Rachel Thompson halved with Lily-May Humphreys
Beth Coulter halved with Emily Price
Valerie Clancy lost to Martha Lewis 5&4
Emma Forbes beat Hannah Screen 2&1
Sara Byrne lost to Samantha Fuller 6&5​​

Day 2 Ireland (5.5) vs. Wales (3.5)
Morning Foursomes
Valerie Clancy & Sara Byrne lost to Lucy Jones & Ffion Tynan 3&1
Lauren Walsh & Beth Coulter beat Carys Worby & Ffion Evans 3&2
Rachel Thompson & Maeve Rooney lost to Caitlin Evans-Brand 4&3
Afternoon Singles
Lauren Walsh halved with​​ Ffion Vineall
Beth Coulter beat Ffion Tynan 3&2
Rachel Thompson beat Caitlin Evans-Brand 1 hole
Emma Forbes lost to Lea-Anne Bramwell 2&1
Sara Byrne beat Carys Worby 2&1
Valerie Clancy beat Lucy Jones 2&1

Day 1 Ireland (6) vs. Scotland (3)
Morning Foursomes
​​Valerie Clancy & Sara Byrne beat Hazel McGarvie & Jillian Farrell 1 hole
Lauren Walsh & Beth Coulter lost to Louise Duncan & Hannah Darling 2&1
Rachel Thompson & Maeve Rooney beat Kirsty Brodie & Molly Richmond 4&3
Afternoon Singles
Lauren Walsh lost to Hazel McGarvie 2 holes
Beth Coulter halved with Jillian Farrell
Sara Byrne halved with Hanna Darling
Valerie Clancy beat Jasmine Mackintosh 1 hole
Emma Forbes beat Louise Duncan 4&2
Rachel Thompson beat Molly Richmond 1 hole

Ladies Home International Matches
Day 3 Ireland (5) vs. England (4)
Morning Foursomes
Maria Dunne & Julie McCarthy beat Gemma Clews & Sophie Lamb 2&1
Annabel WIlson & Mairead Martin halved with India Clyburn & Olivia Winning
Paula Grant & Ciara Casey lost to Emma Allen & Rochelle Morris 3&2
Afternoon Singles
​​Paula Grant lost to ​Lianna Bailey 4&2
Annabel Wilson beat Sophie Lamb 2holes
Chloe Ryan beat​​ India Clyburn 3&2
Julie McCarthy beat Gemma Clews ​5&4
Mairead Martin halved with Olivia Winning
Maria Dunne lost to Rochelle Morris 1 hole

Day 2 Ireland (6) vs. Wales (3)
Morning Foursomes
Maria Dunne & Julie McCarthy lost to Megan Lockett & Olivia Kelly 2&1
Paula Grant & Ciara Casey beat Georgia Lewis & Jordan Ryan 2&1
Annabel Wilson & Mairead Martin beat Kath O'Connor & Bethan Morris 2&1
Afternoon Singles
Paula Grant beat Bethan Morris 4&3
Maria Dunne lost to​ Megan Lockett 2&1
Chloe Ryan beat Olivia Kelly​ 6&4
Julie McCarthy beat Jordan Ryan 2&1
Mairead Martin lost to Georgia Lewis 1 hole
Annabel Wilson beat Kath O'Connor 5&4

Day 1 Ireland (5) vs. Scotland (4)
Morning Foursomes
Maria Dunne & Julie McCarthy beat Eilidh Briggs & Chloe Goadby 3&1
Annabel Wilson & Mairead Martin beat Connie Jaffrey & Clara Young 4&3
Paula Grant & Ciara Casey lost to Shannon McWilliam & Hannah McCook 1 hole
Afternoon Singles
Paula Grant beat Connie Jaffrey 2&1
Annabel Wilson beat Gemma Batty 4&2
Julie McCarthy lost to​ Eilidh Briggs 2 holes
Chloe Ryan halved with Hannah McCook
Mairead Martin lost to Chloe Goadby 4​&3​​​​​
Maria Dunne halved with Shannon McWilliam

From August 9–11, the Girls’ and Ladies’ Home International teams will battle it out at Little Aston near Birmingham. 

Last year, Ireland were victorious in the Girls Home Internationals with the Ladies’ honours going to England. Three of the victorious 2016 Girls’ team have returned to defend their title. Lauren Walsh (Castlewarden), Rachel Thompson (Cork) and Valerie Clancy (Killarney) will be a source of experience for Captain Gemma Butler, who will be relying on them to lead their fellow teammates. 

Junior Vagliano team members Ffion Tynan (Wales), Carys Worby (Wales), Sara Byrne (Douglas) and recent English Women’s Amateur champion Lily-May Humphries (England) feature for their respective countries in the Girls’ event.

Vagliano Trophy teammates Lianna Bailey, India Clyburn and Sophie Lamb, fresh from winning the Smyth Salver as the leading qualifier at the Ricoh Women’s British Open on Sunday, feature in the home team aiming to defend the ladies' title. Their fellow GB&I colleagues Maria Dunne (Skerries) and Annabel Wilson (Lurgan) head up an Ireland team which also includes 2016 R&A Foundation Scholar Championship winner Chloe Ryan (Castletroy) and leading qualifier at the Ladies’ British Open Amateur Championship Paula Grant (Lisburn).

The teams from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales compete against each other in individual matches. Each match consists of three foursomes in the morning and six singles in the afternoon.

Day 1: England v Wales, Scotland v Ireland
Day 2: Ireland v Wales, Scotland v England
Day 3: Wales v Scotland, England v Ireland

Ladies Home International Matches
Little Aston, 9 - 11 August
Ciara Casey (Hermitage)
Maria Dunne (Skerries)
Paula Grant (Lisburn)
Mairead Martin (Kanturk)
Julie McCarthy (Forrest Little)
Chloe Ryan (Castletroy)
Annabel Wilson (Lurgan)

Team Captain: Danielle McVeigh (RCDL)
Team Manager: Clodagh Hopkins (Woodbrook)
Team Coach: Donal Scott

Girls' Home International Matches
Little Aston, 9 - 11 August
Sara Byrne (Douglas)
Valerie Clancy (Killarney)
Beth Coulter (Kirkistown Castle)
Emma Forbes (Royal Portrush)
Maeve Rooney (Co. Sligo)
Rachel Thompson (Cork)
Lauren Walsh (Castlewarden)

Team Captain: Gemma Butler (Birr)
Team Manager: Helen Jones (Royal Portrush)
Team Coach: Chris Jelly