Revive Active launches new supplements for children

​​​Revive Active Launch New and Unique Children’s Supplements

  • 08 November 2018

​Caption: Jiaren Eina Pang (Portarlington) during the 2018 ILGU Junior Medal Final at Seapoint Golf Club.image by Jenny Matthews

Revive Active, Ireland’s fastest growing super supplement company, recently launched two new and unique supplements, Junior Revive for 5-12 year olds and Teen Revive for 13-19 year olds.  They are formulated to help keep your children healthy and strong so that your child spends less time home from school sick.  

Both Junior Revive and Teen Revive contain carefully chosen ingredients with particular emphasis placed on nutrients to support energy, immunity, bone function, heart health, mental performance and cognitive function.  The product comes in am unflavoured powdered form which can be added to water, juice, cereal or yoghurt to suit all tastes and moods.  

Both products contain the same ingredients but indifferent doses to suit the age of the child or teen. 

One of the key ingredients is Wellmune a beta glucan that is clinically proven to help strengthen the immune system; helping to prevent recurring infections especially infections of the upper respiratory system.  

In clinical trials children taking Wellmune were reported to have two thirds fewer respiratory infection symptoms.

“Until their immune systems are working optimally in their teens, kids need to augment their bodies’ natural defences with supplements such as daily consumption of Wellmune” comments Dr Bill Sears, Paediatrician and Associate Clinical Professor of Paediatrics at the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine.

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Both products are available to purchase in all good health food stores and pharmacies nationwide.  

If you would like to avail of the ILGU 15% discount purchase through reviveactive.com using coupon code ‘L15’