ILGU seek feedback regarding 2020 Inter-Club

​​​​​​​Our purpose in communicating with clubs at this stage is to understand the appetite of ladies committees to enter teams and support some or all of the competitions

  • 12 May 2020

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Over the past two months we have received a high level of correspondence and communication from club golfers and golf clubs themselves on the issue of inter-club golf this year. Advance planning during the COVID-19 pandemic for local, national and international competitions has been extremely challenging. At all times, our planning has been driven by complete adherence to public health measures in order to ensure the safety of all involved in the organisation and playing of competitive golf.

The Republic of Ireland's Roadmap for Reopening Society and Business published by the Irish Government on Friday 1st May, and the Northern Ireland Executive's Approach to Decision Making released on May 12th provide us with a solid basis to understand if it is possible to run some of our inter-club competitions in the remainder of the year. The timelines envisaged for relaxing public health measures are clearly not set in stone, and therefore it must be noted that any possibility of interclub competitions may alter as a consequence. 

Our purpose in communicating with clubs at this stage is to understand the appetite of ladies committees to enter teams and support some or all of the competitions or if the preference is to draw a line under 2020 interclub competitions and resume in their entirety next year. 

The ILGU Tournament Committee believe it may be possible to run the singles inter-club competitions by changing the terms of which we are used to. The conditions under which inter-club competitions could be run are broadly outlined as follows. Further detail will be provided once the response from clubs is collated.

 Proposed conditions for 2020 inter-club competitions to occur (singles only)

- Would commence after the 20th July when the government travel restrictions are lifted.
- Would include singles competitions i.e. Senior Cup, AIG Junior Cup, AIG Intermediate Cup, AIG Minor Cup and AIG Challenge Cup.
- Would all be played on a home and away basis (three matches at home and two away).
- Team managers would be required to arrange match times (there would be no ILGU involvement). NOTE: There would be no requirement to have home and away matches played at the same time and thus the result of the home/away tie could be known prior to the completion of the match.
- There may be some players eligible to play on your Senior and Junior Cup teams. There may be clashing of matches which could result in unavailability of these players. Unfortunately, due to the limited time-frame, no allowance can be made for this.
- A minimum number of entries would be required to make a District final feasible. It is recognised that some clubs who have entered these events will now not want to enter.
- Competitions would run to District final only.
- The timeline between matches would have to be very tight. It is envisaged that round one would need to be completed by the 3rd August. Each subsequent round would be allowed two weeks to play, resulting in District finals being held in mid-October. In order for this to work, the following would need to be considered:

*The maximum number of entries per competition would be 64 and would result in 6 rounds to be completed to advance to District finals. 
*Availability of courses will be limited due to demand of members play. It is unlikely that clubs will be able to facilitate weekend times for all matches and we anticipate a number would be played mid-week.
* Practice time for matches will not be guaranteed. There can also be no extension for matches and in the event a match is not played the result could, in effect, be made on a flip of a coin.​

This proposal is based on the ILGU being able to secure venues for District Inter-Club finals in October.  

Club Entry Questionnaire

For the reasons stated above, we are asking all clubs to complete an entry questionnaire which has been circulated to all clubs. If your club has not received the survey link, please email sandra@ilgu.ie


ILGU National Championships up to 20th July have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 outbreak and will not be rescheduled.

Currently, it is proposed that the Irish Senior Women's Open Championship from 9-11 September at Tullamore be played alternatively as a "closed" championship due to restrictions on International travel. Details and format will be released shortly.

The ILGU District Executives are considering the rescheduling of championships currently listed as postponed and this revision will be published when known. It is likely that the format and terms of competition may be altered.

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