Leinster Girls' Championships and Trophy - Closing date approaching

​Leinster Girls' Championship - Elm Park

  • 15 June 2016

​Pictured: Lauren Walsh (Castlewarden)

The Leinster Girls' Championship will this year be held at Elm Park Golf Club from Monday 27th to Wednesday 29th of June.  Girls of handicap 20 and below will play 36 holes qualifying with the top 16 then competing for the Leinster Girls' Championship, with the next 8 qualifiers then competing for the Leinster Girls' Plate. 

Those with a handicap of 21 - 35 will compete for the Leinster Girls' Trophy; a competition introduced by the East Leinster executive to give higher handicap girls a taste of Championship golf. 

Leinster Girls' Championship ENTER HERE (Closing date; 17 June 2016 23:30)

Leinster Girls' Trophy ENTER HERE (Closing date; 20 June 2016 23:30)