Victory for Doyle and Bowe at Corrstown

​​​Meadhbh Doyle claims the Leinster Women's Championship, Lavinia Bowe claims the Duggan Cup

  • 24 July 2016

Caption: Meadhbh Doyle (Portarlington/MU) with the Leinster Women's Championship Trophy and Lavinia Bowe (RCDL) with the Duggan Cup

Draw for Senior Championship

An on form Meadhbh Doyle (Portarlington/Maynooth Uni.) continued her winning ways when she took the Leinster Women's Championship in Corrstown, beating Louise Coffey (Malone) 4/3 on Sunday afternoon.  Meadhbh's amazing putting, including sinking a 20ft putt for birdie on the 19th hole against Maired Martin in the semi final, put her in prime position to win the Championship.  A fitting end to a weekend of magnificent golf. 

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Meadhbh Doyle (Portarlington/Maynooth Uni.) bt. Louise Coffey (Malone) 4/3

Meadhbh Doyle (Portarlington/Maynooth Uni.) bt. Mairead Martin (Killarney) 19th 
Louise Coffey (Malone) bt. Shannon Burke (Ballinrobe/Maynooth Uni.) 3/2

Quarter Final
Catriona Griffin(Killarney) lost to Meadhbh Doyle (Portarlington/Maynooth University) 4/2
Mairead Martin(Killarney) bt Paula Walsh(Doneraile) 4/2
Louise Coffey(Malone) bt. Hannah Henderson(Ballyclare) 3/2 
Shannon Burke(Ballinrobe/Maynooth University) bt. Aedin Murphy(Carlow) 19th

Draw for the Leinster Women's Senior Championship
Catriona Griffin (Killarney) bt. Leah Temple-Lang (Elm Park) 5/4
Clodagh Walsh (Castlewarden) lost to Meadhbh Doyle (Portarlington) 2 up
Mairead Martin (Killarney) bt. Rachel Thompson (Cork ) 5/4
Paula Walsh (Doneraile) bt. Ciara Casey (Hermitage)  1up
Louise Coffey (Malone) bt. Sue Phillips (Woodbrook) 3/2
Nicole McGavisk (Donabate) lost to Hannah Henderson (Ballyclare) 5/3
Shannon Burke (Ballinrobe) bt. Gemma McCarthy (Clonmel) 5/4
Aedin Murphy (Carlow) bt. Ellie Metcalfe (Laytown and Bettystown) 3/1

Draw for Junior Championship​

​The Duggan Cup - Leinster Junior Championship, for handicaps 10 to 18, is always a popular event on the ILGU Calendar. The final match played between Cliodhna Drury (Dun Laoghaire) & Lavinia Bowe (RCDL) ended with Lavinia taking the trophy with an impressive win of 5/4. Both players put on a magnificent display of golf and no doubt will feature in the winning enclosure at many future events. 

Lavinia Bowe (RCDL) bt. Cliodhna Drury (Dun Laoghaire) 5/4

Laura Corr (Mannan Castle) lost to Lavinia Bowe (RCDL) 1up
Cliodhna Drury (Dun Laoghaire) bt. Ann Hallinan (Hollywood) 2/1

​Quarter Final
Laura Corr(Mannan Castle) bt. Eithne Knight(The Island) 6&4
Lavinia Bowe(RCDL) bt. Sheena McDonagh(Hollystown) 3&2
Cliodhna Drury(Dun Laoghaire) bt. Jacqui O Beirne(St Annes) 6&5
Ann Hallinan(Hollywood) bt. Yvonne Bedford(St Annes)​ 2up
Draw for Duggan Cup - Junior Championship​ - Saturday 23 July
Laura Corr (Mannan Castle) bt. Yvonne Keaveney (St. Anne's) 3/2
Helen Caufield (Ashbourne) lost to Eithne Knight (The Island) 3/1
Lavinia Bowe (RCDL) bt.  Shula McCarthy (Clonmel) 8/7
Sheena McDonagh (Hollystown) bt. Mary Rose O'Flaherty (St. Anne's) 20th
Sophie Dodd (Enniscrone) lost to Cliodhna Drury (Dun Laoghaire) 1up
Anne Brennan (Corrstown) lost to Jacqui O'Beirne (St. Anne's) 1up
​Ann Hallinan (Hollywood Lakes) bt. Ann McAuley (Laytown and Bettystown) 2/1
Yvonne Bedford (Corrstown) bt. Clare Martyn (Headfort)​ 6/5

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