A good start is half the work

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​Well begun is well done, especially when it comes to golf.

  • 28 February 2015
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​Holding a good stance before you swing the golf club gives you the best chance of making a good swing. Poor posture can lead to difficulties in consistent ball striking, which makes it much harder to score well.

In simple terms, and these are broad guidelines, when we stand in the address position to hit a ball the feet should be wide enough to stabilise the body throughout the movement but not too wide so as to restrict turn.

The spine should be bent over at two angles with the upper spine angled above or over the ball, and also angled slightly back from the target. The lower spine is normally centred between the feet.

The weight should be felt more towards the toes than the heels and the overall feeling should be one of athleticism rather than tension.


GOLFNET TIP: Mirror work is a great way to check your posture.

    Tuition:How To Start:Beginners
    Tuition:Getting Started, Tuition:Stance



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