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​Understanding the language of golf is important.

  • 28 February 2015
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​If you have a clear idea of what your coach is referring to when he or she speaks about things like Curvature and Angle of Attack you will get more value out of your lessons.

Every shot in golf, be it a 10-yard chip or a 300-yard drive, will share similar ball flight characteristics. The key terms to remember are:

Direction - where the ball starts relative to target;

Curvature - how much the ball moves from left to right or right to left;

Trajectory – height;

Distance – how far the ball travels.


The result of the shot is directly related to the following impact factors:

Strike - proximity to the sweet spot;

Angle of Attack - direction club is moving at impact relative to the slope of the ground;

Swing path - direction the club is moving immediately before, during and after impact;

Club-head Speed - the sped the club is travelling at impact;

Club-face Alignment - the direction the club face is pointing at impact.

GOLFNET TIP: Dedicate a lesson with your coach to clearly understanding ball flight characteristics and impact factors. It may be the best lesson you will ever have.

Photo: Marian Riordan, ILGU Regional Coach in action. Photo from www.golffile.ie

    Tuition:How To Start:Beginners
    Tuition:Getting Started, Tuition:PGA Professional



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