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​​Ernie Els famously said that he ‘wasn’t swinging well enough’ to have a go in two on one of the par-fives at Mount Juliet during the final round on his way to winning the 2004 WGC championship.
  • 28 February 2015
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​Els struggled visibly on the last day but instead of fighting it he seemed to laugh it off and shot 69 to win by one shot.

We all have days when we can make the club sing and on these days aggressive play is advised. The difference between a high scorer and a low scorer is how they perform when they are not at their best. It is as if they are more keenly aware that they are not on form and approach each shot accordingly. Good course strategy is a key component towards being a better scorer in golf. The following thoughts that may help you in your day-to-day playing.

Greens, Greens, Greens: Play to the fat of most targets. This frame of mind could easily be confused with negative thinking as it relies heavily on playing 'away' from flags but it really is the best way to play stroke-play golf.

Play the number: Imagine a wall at your distance and just focus on getting it near that wall. If you succeed, you might just find that your target is close-by.

Know thyself: Know what shots you can and cannot pull off. Know your maximum carry. Be realistic. Limit your number of 'bicycle-kicks'.

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    Tuition:How To Start:Improvers
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