The science behind ball-striking

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​Good ball-striking is artwork but there is a science behind it.

  • 28 February 2015
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​There are a few factors that are needed to create a perfectly struck shot.

The initial lie is crucial because it must be possible to deliver the club onto the ball without interference and the ball being played must be compressible enough to react sufficiently to the club face.

The club must meet the ground 'flush' at impact, which means it's important that your clubs are tailored to your particular lie angles. The angle of attack must not be too steep or too shallow, and your divot will tell you what's happening.

The club must meet the ball at a point adjacent to or immediately upon the exact centre of gravity on the clubface (the sweet spot). The sweet spot is approximately the size of a needle tip so your expectations should be guided by this fact.

Your swing needs to be efficient so that there is little wasted energy, the speed is maintained and the club is delivered in an optimal fashion.


GOLFNET TIP: Practice and repetition are key to good ball-striking.


    Tuition:How To Start:Improvers
    Tuition:Approach Play



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