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​Golf is a game and much as we want to have fun playing our goal is to shoot as low a score as possible.

  • 28 February 2015
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​Are you the player that would prefer to hit one memorable shot to talk about in the bar or are you a player who just wants to shoot as low as possible?

If you are the former - have fun and enjoy! If you are the latter you need to play golf like a professional gambler. You must go on a journey of self discovery in golfing terms and know your game. Be honest with yourself and know your habits and limitations. With this knowledge you can then work on a strategy and and figure out the most appropriate route for your game to get the ball around the course.

Never write cheques your body can't cash. In other words never take on a shot that you are not relatively competent at. Know your predominant shot shape and allow for it. Know the clubs you hit best and position yourself accordingly. Always choose shots that you feel you are odds-on of achieving a successful outcome.


GOLFNET TIP: Play to your strengths.

*Pictured is John Daly taking on a long carry at the Austrian Open. Photo

    Tuition:How To Start:Improvers
    Tuition:Driving, Tuition:Risk



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