The putting line-up

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​To control the direction of a putt, we must aim the putter meticulously and swing the putter on a neutral swing path.

  • 28 February 2015
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​Draw a line on your golf ball and align the ball to your target. This line will help aim the club face in the right direction. Pick a spot just in front of the golf ball on the line of the putt. This will also make it easier to aim correctly.

To practice your swing path, lie the flag stick on the ground and make swings along the pole. We are aiming to have a slight arc or a straight back and straight through swing-path. Swinging along the pole will point out any faults that need to be addressed. Any dramatic movements on either the back swing or follow through will make it more difficult to start the ball in the appropriate direction.


GOLFNET TIP: Always draw a line on your ball to help your alignment on the green.

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    Tuition:How To Start:Improvers
    Tuition:Putting, Tuition:Holing Out



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