Everything in your short game benefits your long game

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​"Practicing your short game will help your long game in every way but practicing your long game won't help your short game at all." Harvey Penick

  • 28 February 2015
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​Next time you head to the short game area use your time there as an opportunity to understand the effect impact factors have on your shots – remember the five factors that effect impact: strike, angle of attack, swing path, club-head speed and club-face alignment.

Experiment with different ball positions and see how they effect the angle of attack and the trajectory of your shots. Try different club face alignments and see the effect on the direction of your shots. Try different lengths of swing and see how the speed of the club head changes and the the knock-on effect to the distance of your shots.

The more we know about what creates a successful shot the more likely we are to execute a successful shot.

GOLFNET TIP: Kill two birds with the one stone - learn more about the impact factors while improving your short game.

Photo of Stephanie Meadow at the Irish Ladies Close in 2012 - now plying her trade on the professional circuit. Photo from www.golffile.ie

    Tuition:How To Start:Improvers
    Tuition:Short Game



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