How do you cure a slice?

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This week's question comes from Sean who plays off 15.

 What is the best way to cure a slice?

  • 12 March 2015
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Firstly, we'll presume in this case that you are a right handed golfer and that you have a neutral grip (see article on grip if in doubt).

Secondly, and this is important, a slice is a shot that starts to the left of the target and curves to the right so that it finishes to the right of your target. If this is the shot you are talking about your other shot shapes should be a fade and a pull. In short, the majority of your shots should  have left-to-right (clockwise) spin on the ball but you'll also hit a few straight left. If this sounds correct, keep reading. If not, arrange a lesson to avoid confusion.

PROBLEM: Your swing direction is too out-to-in and your clubface is glancing across the ball slightly open. 


CORRECTION: To start, see if you can start the ball right of your target. To do this, aim the clubface right and also feel as though your left shoulder is pointing in that direction. This will help change the swing direction (or clubhead path). Next, hit some balls with a 3/4 swing, feeling as though you are swinging from in-to-out (exaggerate this). Do this at a 'learning speed' (not a tournament speed) as this makes it a little easier for you to control.

When you have achieved this and are able to start the ball to the right, the next step is to learn how to 'release the clubface' so that it is rotating slightly closed during the hitting area. This should result in a little curvature from right to left (draw). Be patient, this can take time.

 To finish, we need to learn how to hook or draw in order to reduce slice. This may seem counterintuitive, but that's the cure.

    Tuition:How To Start:Improvers
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